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2 min to read ✭ Ready for your nonprofit to improve its ROI, build community organically, and have access to support daily at a fraction of the cost for our digital marketing agency?

The Nonprofit Accelerator offers affordable courses, access to experts

Doing good shouldn’t burn out your team. The Community Boost Nonprofit Accelerator offers teams a marketing approach that has the same capacity as working with an agency for a fraction of the cost. For less than $300 a month, your nonprofit can improve return on investment (ROI) by 3x, earn qualified leads, and grow community engagement organically.


The Nonprofit Accelerator puts your organization’s staff in the driver’s seat of your marketing plan, so it aligns with the nuances of how a nonprofit’s goals can shift each quarter. Resources and coursework allow your team to execute social media, advertising, and SEO strategy. 

Discover Affordable Nonprofit Marketing Courses

Community Boost Digital Marketing Agency

Community Boost was designed specifically FOR nonprofits to ensure your mission’s success by focusing on ROI. As a result, we create sustainable outcomes that beg the question, “How can we make an even bigger impact?”



The Nonprofit Accelerator is a DONE WITH YOU program that gives you access to our team every two weeks to brainstorm and troubleshoot your marketing plans. 


YouTube & Display Ads: Elevate your advertising campaigns and build brand awareness.

Google Ad Grants: Qualify and use $10,000 in Google advertising per month. 

Meta Ads: Use compelling creative messaging to hyper-target new supporters on Instagram and Facebook. 

Paid Google Ads: Scale conversions and revenue by creating solid impressions on the first page of Google Search. 

Pop-Ups (Conversion Design): Create the best user experience possible, converting it into donations and attracting volunteers.

Analytics: Increase engagement and revenue by making data-driven strategic decisions that will empower your nonprofit to make bold moves. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Drive organic traffic and rank for keywords with proper back-end and front-end optimization. 

View The Impact In Our Case Studies

The Nonprofit Accelerator

The Nonprofit Accelerator helps your organization scale by providing courses and research tailored to your mission. Our team is also here for bi-weekly coaching to make sure that you stay on track and don’t get overwhelmed by diving into new strategies. 


Digital Marketing Courses


Google Ad Grant management:

Learn how to optimize, operate, and sustain your $10,000 ad grant each month. See how Zero Breast Cancer saw a 448% increase in site traffic from the Google Ad Grant 


Move your organization’s way to the first page of searches through keyword analysis and research.

Social Media Marketing:

Drive donations and leverage your organic social media through research-backed marketing techniques.

Meta Advertising:

Increase ROI through targeted advertising on Instagram and Facebook. See BRAC USA 3x return on ad spend 

Google Analytics & Reporting:

Identify and replicate successful tactics through an efficient setup of Google Analytics



Access to Community Boost Team: Join the Private Accelerator group and let the Community Boost team answer your questions daily!

Nonprofit accelerator Meta Group

Join Accelerator Office hours hosted twice per month! Here you can meet with Community Boost experts via Zoom and launch your campaigns, strategies and so much more.


More Resources

Exclusive access to Facebook Nonprofit Accelerator Group

  • Connect with more than 3,500 other nonprofit professionals who are part of the Accelerator program.
  • Learn how to improve donations, impact, and education 3x. 
  • Ask coursework questions.
  • Collaborate with other nonprofits on best practices.
  • Connect with the Community Boost team every day of the week.


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