Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits

If you’re looking to target your most likely donors and supporters and you have quality creative, Facebook and Instagram ads are one of the best ways to get the highest return on your ad spend. 

How Facebook & Instagram Ads Help Your Nonprofit


Hyper-targeting through Facebook and Instagram is one of the best strategic approaches. You can create lookalike audiences, otherwise known as an audience based on your past supporter segments, to compel high potential supporter leads. 


With the space to utilize photos, videos, and more creative text ads, Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for your nonprofit to tell its story and compel users with your mission. Brand Awareness and Donation campaigns are especially receptive to great storytelling strategies.

Birthday Fundraisers

Running a birthday fundraiser on Facebook is a great way to capitalize on your target audience and their entire network. Through Facebook fundraising and with donation stickers embedded in Instagram stories, running birthday fundraisers on these social platforms is a great strategy to generate donations. 


Christian Family Care

Christian Family Care worked with Community Boost to test Facebook and Instagram Advertising during the Arizona Tax Credit Campaign and generated a 98X Return On Ad Spend from Facebook and Instagram advertising.
  • 98X Return On Ad Spend
  • 150 Direct Online Donations
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Ad Spend Managed


Direct Revenue Generated


Average Return on Ad Spend


  • How do I know my Facebook Ad is working?

    There are a number of ways to measure and check if your Facebook ads are running efficiently. One way to do so is by going into your Ads Manager, clicking on the columns on the right-hand side, and selecting Performance and Clicks. From here you can measure your CTR (click-through rate), landing page views, the amount spent, and your audience reach. Based on your goal, this will help identify which ads are performing the best. The average CTR can vary but anything around 0.9% to 2% is good. If your ads are under 0.9% we would recommend making some adjustments to your audience.

  • My target supporter base is older, will they still be on Facebook?

    Yes! Currently, 68% of those users aged 50-64 are on Facebook and 46% of users with an age of 65+ are on Facebook. As you can see the numbers are in your favor and the chances of you finding more donors like your current ones are pretty high.

  • What type of Facebook Ad should I run?

    This really depends on your goal. The best way to determine your objective is to go to your Ads Manager, click on "Create" and view all of the objectives that Facebook offers. Be sure to highlight the (i) next to each one to learn about the optimization delivery and select the one best suited for your goal.

  • What’s a good Facebook Ads budget?

    There is no “right answer” to this question. The actual minimum Facebook ads budget you’re allowed is $1 per day or twice your CPC. While we recommend a test budget of $100 minimum, your Facebook Ads budget shouldn’t be a random number you’ve pulled from our FAQ forum. Tailor your Facebook Ads budget specifically to your goals, and as each type of goal might have a different cost associated with it, it’s important to align on what you want out of your Facebook Ad strategy in order to have a budget to reasonably accommodate that goal. 

  • If I’m already running Google Ads campaigns, do I still need Facebook ads?

    Running Facebook Ads adds some diversity to your marketing strategy and works as a great complement to your Google campaigns. Google is a great tool to help direct traffic to users who are looking for your specific organization or looking for your specific cause. Adding Facebook to your current Google strategy can yield tremendous ROI (return on investment) since Facebook can be utilized for retargeting and help reach individuals who may not be searching for your organization or mission.

  • How long should I run my Facebook Ad?

    For as long as you want. Ideally, you want to have an evergreen campaign running at all times in addition to various campaigns throughout the year. This will ensure you are constantly filling the top of your funnel and driving new users to your page or site.

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