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Community Boost is a digital marketing agency that works with nonprofits of all sizes and sectors to accelerate and scale online revenue and impact.

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How can Community Boost accelerate your nonprofit’s mission and marketing success?

In an era when digital marketing is essential to spreading your message, many nonprofits lack the resources to enter the digital space and utilize the crucial tools needed to reach their audience. That’s where we come in.

Google Ad Grants

Utilize your nonprofit’s free $10,000 a month Google Ad Grant to appear on the first page of Google when it matters most.

Google Ad Grants


Your nonprofit struggles to consistently drive new relevant visitors to your website. 

Our Solution:

Qualify and effectively utilize $10,000 every single month in free Google search advertising.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Hyper-target your most likely donors and supporters by running compelling ads where people’s attention is at—Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook & Instagram Ads


Your nonprofit can’t seem to generate new donors or customers online.

Our Solution:

Facebook & Instagram Ads allow your nonprofit to hyper-target new supporters with compelling creative.

Conversion Design (Pop-Ups)

Systematically optimize your conversion rates and create the best user experience possible.

Conversion Design (Pop-Ups)


Not enough of your nonprofit’s site visitors convert or donate.

Our Solution:

Conversion design allows your nonprofit to systematically improve conversion rates and increase revenue.

Youtube & Display Ads

Utilize Youtube and Display ads to increase brand awareness and elevate your other advertising campaigns

Youtube & Display Ads


Your nonprofit has trouble with building brand awareness and has limited search traffic for branded terms, low search volume or preparing to launch a big campaign with about a 2 month preparation period.

Our Solution:

Familiarize people with brands and warm them up for campaigns on other platforms whether Google or Facebook. 

The Nonprofit Accelerator

Become a better nonprofit marketer, in 1/10th the time with The Accelerator course program.

The Nonprofit Accelerator


You spend too much time searching endlessly for resources only to find outdated unhelpful resources that are either too expensive or don’t even work.


The Nonprofit Accelerator gives you access to the exact tactics and strategies that are working for our 500+ nonprofit partners right now- no fluff and at a fraction of the price.

Stories of Scale

Tenement Museum

Facebook Fundraising + Email Marketing

Tenement Museum worked with Community Boost to generate donations amidst their temporary, but abrupt closure due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Through the coordinated use of a Facebook fundraiser that was synchronized with a matching email appeal to launch at the same time, Tenement Museum was able to raise over $50,000 in less than 24 hours.

  • $0 Ad Spend
  • $50000 Donations
  • 24 Hours
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We empower social ventures that are changing the world.

Most nonprofits have a compelling story and an impactful mission. However, many struggle to attract, convert, and retain the support they need.

If your nonprofit is frustrated by low website traffic and lackluster online revenue, the Community Boost team would love to discuss how we can help accelerate and scale meaningful conversions and impact.

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Some of our trusted nonprofit partners

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Community Boost is a one-stop-shop for nonprofits in need of digital marketing guidance. We provide a variety of helpful resources that will help boost your online presence and amplify your message to the audiences that matter. Explore our resources page to find webinars, blog posts, and more.

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The Community Boost blog covers Google Ad Grants, Facebook and Instagram advertising, Fundraising, and many other strategies and tactics to help nonprofit marketers increase online revenue. See Our Blog >

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