What is the Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits?

The Google Ad Grant is a $10,000 monthly grant offered to nonprofits to spend on Google Ads. It is one of the most powerful marketing channels used by nonprofit organizations to send thousands of additional website visitors every single month, ultimately driving more supporters, volunteers and donors.

$10,000 in Free Monthly Ad Spend

Get approved for a $10,000 monthly Google Ad Grant to market and promote your mission, programs and fundraising campaigns.

Increase Qualified Website Visitors

Capitalize on the power of search intent and drive thousands of new website visitors every month to your mission.

Drive Meaningful Conversions

The Ad Grant helps nonprofits predictably and consistently drive new email subscribers, volunteer requests, program inquiries and donations.

Scale Online Donations & Revenue

Do you have an exhausted donor list? The Google Ad Grant can significantly increase online donation revenue month over month.

How Google Ad Grants Work

Step 1: New Supporters Search Google for Keywords Relevant to Your Nonprofit

There are over 100 billion searches on Google every single month. Digital savvy nonprofits use the Google ad grant to run ads and show up on the first page of Google when it matters most.

The Power of Search Intent

Step 2: Your Ads Show Up on the First Page of Google

Google populates both relevant text ads and the top organic search rankings when a potential supporter searches keywords important to your mission. Target your nonprofit’s ads locally or globally so you can increase your impact.

Consistently Drive Meaningful Conversions

Step 3: Drive New Visitors and Meaningful Conversions Every Month

When nonprofit’s dial in and fully leverage their $10,000 Google Ad Grant, they can often drive thousands of additional site visitors every single month that then convert into subscribers, volunteers, program inquiries and donors.

The Big Picture

Step 4: Scale Online Revenue & Impact

With a strong increase in quality website traffic, high impact nonprofits that share their story well with potential supporters experience a strong, consistent uptick in online revenue while simultaneously creating change in the lives of people who need it most.

How the Google Ad Grant Works

Watch to learn how it works!

Google Ad Grant FAQs

  • How long does Google Ad Grant approval typically take?

    The good news is that this is not your typical nonprofit grant! So often in the social sector we are used to grant funding taking six to twelve months, when it comes to the Google Ad Grant, that is certainly not the case. When the ad grant application process is done correctly, most nonprofits can expect to receive their Google Ad Grant approval in two weeks or less.

  • Nonprofits can really receive $120,000 in in-kind Google advertising every year?

    Yes that is correct! A qualified nonprofit can receive $120,000 in in-kind Google Ad Grant advertising every single year. Nonprofits do not receive actual grant funding or cash, nonprofit unlock the ability to spend up to $10,000 per month in in-kind Google advertising. Think of the $10,000 like a gift card that can and should be spent every month.

  • How do you apply for Google Ad Grants?

    In order to apply for the Google Ad Grant you will want to complete the following steps:

    • Step 1: Create Account - Visit Google.com/nonprofits and click 'Get Started' or sign in.
    • Step 2: Pre-Qualification - The Google for Nonprofits site links you to the Ad Grants product guide. Create an initial account, watch a video, take a quick tour and share more about your organization.
    • Step 3: Set Up Ad Grants Account - Set up campaigns following the steps in the guide. Submit your account number in the Google for Nonprofits portal for final review.

    *Note: If you work with an Ad Grants Certified Partner like Community Boost, many of these steps can be accelerated or skipped.

  • What are the benefits of working with an Ad Grants Certified Professional partner agency?

    The Google Ad Grant is an incredibly powerful marketing channel for most nonprofit organizations. However, if your organization doesn't have the time or resources to execute effectively, Google has created the Google Ad Grants Certified Professional Community in order to better support nonprofits looking for proven Ad Grants management support.

    Community Boost is proudly one of the first ever certified Ad Grants CPC partners to receive recognition from Google. We are more than willing to conduct complimentary Ad Grant audits for all participating nonprofits. Let's schedule your audit or talk Ad Grants today!

  • How long has the Google Ad Grant existed?

    Many nonprofits are surprised to hear that the Google Ad Grant has existed for more than 17 years! Google Ad Grants launched just two years after Google launched the original AdWords platform.

  • Which nonprofits are eligible for the Google Ad Grant and which nonprofits are not eligible?

    Below is a quick breakdown of the eligibility requirements for a nonprofit to receive Google Ad Grants:

    • Qualify based on the nonprofit's country requirements
    • Acknowledge and agree to the application's required certifications regarding nondiscrimination
    • Have a high quality website and account

    The following organizations are not eligible for Ad Grants:

    • Governmental entities and organizations
    • Hospitals and healthcare organizations
    • Schools, academic institutions and universities

  • What is required to stay eligible and in Google Ad Grants compliance?

    Google launched a new set of Ad Grants policies in January 2018 in order to provide more guidance on running a high quality Ad Grants account. The purpose here is to support more nonprofits in creating a better user experience.

    You can read the latest Ad Grants Policy Compliance guide on Google's website here. Be sure to utilize the new Ad Grants Account Review Dashboard to better understand your current Ad Grants account status with program policies.

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