What is the Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits?

The Google Ad Grant is a $10,000 monthly grant offered to nonprofits to spend on Google Ads. It is one of the most powerful marketing channels used by nonprofit organizations to send thousands of additional website visitors every single month, ultimately driving more supporters, volunteers and donors.

$10,000 in Free Monthly Ad Spend

Get approved for a $10,000 monthly Google Ad Grant to market and promote your mission, programs and fundraising campaigns.

Increase Qualified Website Visitors

Capitalize on the power of search intent and drive thousands of new website visitors every month to your mission.

Drive Meaningful Conversions

The Ad Grant helps nonprofits predictably and consistently drive new email subscribers, volunteer requests, program inquiries and donations.

Scale Online Donations & Revenue

Do you have an exhausted donor list? The Google Ad Grant can significantly increase online donation revenue month over month.

How Google Ad Grants Work

Step 1: New Supporters Search Google for Keywords Relevant to Your Nonprofit

There are over 100 billion searches on Google every single month. Digital savvy nonprofits use the Google ad grant to run ads and show up on the first page of Google when it matters most.

The Power of Search Intent

Step 2: Your Ads Show Up on the First Page of Google

Google populates both relevant text ads and the top organic search rankings when a potential supporter searches keywords important to your mission. Target your nonprofit’s ads locally or globally so you can increase your impact.

Consistently Drive Meaningful Conversions

Step 3: Drive New Visitors and Meaningful Conversions Every Month

When nonprofit’s dial in and fully leverage their $10,000 Google Ad Grant, they can often drive thousands of additional site visitors every single month that then convert into subscribers, volunteers, program inquiries and donors.

The Big Picture

Step 4: Scale Online Revenue & Impact

With a strong increase in quality website traffic, high impact nonprofits that share their story well with potential supporters experience a strong, consistent uptick in online revenue while simultaneously creating change in the lives of people who need it most.

How the Google Ad Grant Works

Watch to learn how it works!

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