Conversion Design (Pop Ups) for Nonprofits

Getting people to take valuable action as soon as they land on your website is the foundation of conversion design. It seeks to guide your website visitor toward completing that one specific action, using persuasive design and psychological triggers as devices to increase conversions. It’s about not being invasive with the layout of your website, but being intentional with your strategy behind it.

How Conversion Design Helps Your Nonprofit

Achieve Your Goals

Conversion Design is a discipline targeted specifically at designing online experiences that achieve a single goal. Once you identify what onsite action you want your site visitors to take, you would then strategically leverage conversion design to encourage completion of that action. 

Data-Driven Results

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of designing and modifying certain elements of a page in order to increase the chances that site visitors will “convert” into a lead or customer before they leave. 

User Experience

Proper conversion design naturally results in landing pages with a cohesive design that flows seamlessly and catches people’s attention. Building a trusted user experience magnifies your credibility as an organization that someone will likely come back to.


  • What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

    Conversion Rate Optimization, aka CRO, is the process of creating an experience for your website visitors that will convert them into leads. Conversions happen all over your website—on your homepage, your fundraising page, your blog, and other landing pages—and you can actually optimize all of these conversions. Design tools like smart bars, scroll boxes and pop-ups and design suites like Sumo and CrazyEgg can take your CRO to the next level. 

  • Why is conversion rate optimization important?

    Basically, it’s low-hanging fruit. Conversion rate optimization makes your marketing more effective by capitalizing on the visitors and traffic you’ve already got. You are focusing on the people who have already shown interest in your organization by making it to your website or landing page. It keeps your costs down and improves return on investment (ROI) for your marketing.

  • How do I know which design will drive the most conversions?

    You don’t know what you don’t test! We highly recommend creating multiple different landing pages or different versions of onsite elements and A/B testing them to see which one works best. It’s important to monitor and compare because you won’t know what is best right off the bat. 

  • Are pop-ups outdated?

    There is a misconception that pop-ups are outdated. Pop-ups can be a great conversion optimization tool that, when done right, are especially effective in getting users to fulfill a desired action. You don’t want to overwhelm users, which is why it’s important to follow best practices. Otherwise, they can certainly feel like spam. 

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