Google Ads for Nonprofits

Paid Google Ads accounts have more capabilities than Ad Grant accounts in that they often receive greater impression share, are able to bid manually above $2, and can run ads on the display network.

How Paid Google Ads Help Your Nonprofit

Increase Traffic and Brand Awareness

Paid Google Ads can reach people who are searching for services, information, and resources that your site may provide. Google Ads provides a platform to build brand awareness, sell services or products, and more.

Remarketing Capabilities

We can track users coming to your site through Google Ads and retarget them using display and YouTube to move them down the marketing funnel to either sell a product, donate or become a supporter of your nonprofit.

Strategic Targeting

Paid Google Ads allow us to serve ads to the people most likely to convert. By targeting in-market, affinity audiences, and more we can target people who are not familiar with your brand but are similar to your past and current supporters.


  • Why should I invest in Paid Google Ads when I already have the Ad Grant?

    Paid Google Ads provide the opportunity to rank more consistently in the search engine results. Paid search ads will always outrank the Google Ad Grant accounts. They allow us to focus our strategy on keywords in order to rank higher in the search results.

  • What are display ads?

    If you want to broaden your reach to show up in front of people who may not necessarily be searching for your nonprofit specifically, display ads are a great way to build brand awareness and keep your organization top of mind. Your display ads will be shown on Google’s Display Netwo

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