Youtube Ads for Nonprofits

Over 90% of internet users are reached through the 2 million website placements on the display ads network and Youtube is the 2nd largest search platform with 2 billion users worldwide. These channels are an added platform that allows your nonprofit to create custom audiences and find your ideal persona. 

How Youtube and Display Helps Nonprofits


By using Youtube & Display ads, you have the potential to reach a ton of websites and users at a very affordable cost. Some display ads cost as low as one cent. YouTube ads and Display ads can be used to pull on those heartstrings, tell your story, and keep your nonprofit top of mind.

Brand Awareness

 If you need to capture new remarketing audiences or build brand awareness with a smaller budget, these channels are the way to go. You will not pay for the ad until the user has watched over 5 seconds, so you are basically gaining brand awareness for free!

Remarketing & Refined Targeting

Once users watch the 30-second ad, you can then use that to remarket and pull the highly engaged user in! Display Ads use AI to understand who the user is, when they’re most likely to look at your ad, and when they’re most likely to click on it. We use this data to provide images and text that lead to higher conversion rates and click-through rates!


Remarketing Audiences Created for Nonprofits


Youtube Users Worldwide


More Likely

To use YouTube versus other platforms to find information about a brand, product, or service.


  • What should we spend on YouTube or Display per month?

    Usually we recommend our clients to start with $500 if you have a limited budget and are just trying out these channels for the first time. If you have direct goals of how many users that you want to reach we can calculate the budget by average cost per thousand impressions (display) or cost per view (youtube).

  • Where do our ads show up on display and youtube

    We have some good control over where our display ads show up on the internet. Community Boost will implement website targeting for about 30 sites when launched and will comb through placements every week to make sure that budget is not wasted on sites that are misaligned with the organization. We use a two part strategy including being specific with what sites we pull from our data base to show up on and we edit down sites based on what Google finds relevant to our specific custom audience targeting.

    For YouTube, we optimize our campaigns every week to exclude sites that are not relevant while using topic targeting and custom audience targeting to help Google find our users on YouTube who would be interested in our content.

  • What are the key KPI’s that we should be looking for when running display or youtube.

    Metrics that we look at for display are the following:

    CTR: 0.10-0.50% is what we usually aim for, these ads are not designed to be clicked on but to build brand awareness and follow users around the web

    Avg. CPM (avg. cost per thousand impressions): we usually aim for $10-$18


    Part of our optimizations here are going through where ads are showing up on and implementing specific targeting to control what sites and youtube channels are ads are showing up on. We want to make sure that client ads are showing up on sites that align with their ideal persona, are trusted sites and do not include inappropriate content on them.

  • What assets do I need for display and youtube?

    For display we can use static images with dynamic ad copy or static images with static ad copy (in specific dimensions).

    For YouTube we need videos to be uploaded to your YouTube channel as either public or unlisted. We recommend videos to be between 30 seconds to 2 minutes to use as an ad. 

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