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Innovating For Impact: Top 2023 Nonprofit Marketing Trends From The Acceleration Report

The Acceleration Survey has been released! Learn the latest insights to advance your nonprofit's mission today!

Which marketing tactics will be most effective for your nonprofit to invest in 2023?

Community Boost wanted to find out. So, we launched The 2023 Nonprofit Acceleration Survey, and gathered the latest insights from over 1200 nonprofit professionals to study the high-performing marketing strategies used to advance nonprofit’s missions today.

And now, we’re ready to uncover all our learnings distilled from the data, so you can create a marketing strategy designed specifically to help you accelerate your growth in 2023.

Join Candace Cody, Digital Events Manager at Community Boost as she dives into the top nonprofit marketing trends from the report.

How to Go From Zero to Hero with Your Grant Strategy

The key to sustainable grant success starts with having the right grant strategy. Join us on April 12th at 10am PST to start sprinting towards new funding opportunities

The Year-End Fundraising Boost Workshop

You’ll access 10 curated workshops that dive into the practical how-to’s you need to optimize your fundraising this year-end, delivered directly from our team of nonprofit experts. 

Incorporating Crypto Into Your End-of-Year Fundraising Strategy

In this free webinar with  Pat Duffy from The Giving Block explains what Crypto Philanthropy is and how nonprofits can incorporate it into their end-of-year fundraising strategies.

Advance Your Cause With Instagram Reels

Join this webinar with special guest Leslie Choa @ Meta to get all the tips & tricks for making a captivating Reel and additional Instagram features available to you as a nonprofi

Where You Live Changes How You Give

In this webinar, you'll learn how you can acquire and retain more donors within the community you serve through omnichannel engagement. 

How To Create A SEO Strategy For Your Nonprofit

When you join the live webinar, you’ll learn all about fundamentals of SEO and how you can apply this to predictably drive more traffic (and soon-to-be supporters) to your nonprofit online.

The Future Is Digital: Learnings From The Nonprofit Acceleration Report

Join Candace Cody, Digital Events Manager at Community Boost, as she uncovers the latest digital marketing trends you can use to scale impact at your nonprofit in 2022.

Instagram Reels: Your Nonprofit's Biggest Untapped Potential On Social Media

Join the free webinar on April 28th to learn how you can start using reels to increase awareness, engagement, and prime your for retargeting opportunities to ultimately drive success on Instagram in 2022.

The Keys to Launching Your Recurring Giving Plan

In this webinar, we will cover how to launch a best-in-class recurring giving program on a budget, what channels are best used to promote, provide an overview of timeline and more.

The 2021 Year-End Fundraising Digital Marketing Playbook

In this webinar, our CEO, Cameron Ripley, will be walking you through the exact digital marketing playbook our team is using as the foundation to help over 200+ nonprofits scale online donations this giving season. 

How to Scale Your Nonprofit's Social Impact with Microsoft Offers and Give with Bing

In this webinar, we will cover two programs that nonprofits can leverage: Microsoft Tech for Social Impact and Give with Bing. Both programs can be used to scale operations and maximize fundraising opportunities. 

How to Use Marketing and Mobile Messaging to Scale Online Revenue

As nonprofit marketers in 2021, using conversational text messaging is the most impactful and efficient way to forge unbreakable relationships with donors and volunteers.

Navigating the iOS 14 Update: How Tracking Your Facebook Ads is Changing

With Apple's new iOS 14 update, nonprofits need to adapt to continue running successful data-driven marketing campaigns. 

SEO & PPC for Nonprofits: How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

With over 3.5 billion searches occurring every single day, your supporters are searching for your organization and your cause...it's time to show up for them! 

8 Fundraising Strategies Designed to Help You Raise More in 2021

Finding creative and innovative ways to capture the attention of potential supporters can be challenging, so how do we do it? Learn 8 key strategies to help you reach your campaign goals. 

Google Ad Grants: How to Make the Most of Your Free $10,000/mo in 2021 and Beyond

Is your nonprofit taking advantage of Google's free $10,000/mo grant? Learn everything you need to know about the Google Ad Grant in 2021. 

How to Make Facebook and Instagram Advertising Work for Your Nonprofit

Our most up-to-date advice for any nonprofit looking to fundraise better online using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

How To Use Responsive Fundraising To Mobilize Your Donors This Year-End & Into 2021

Amidst uncertainty and shifting donor expectations, how can you ensure your year-end fundraising is successful? Learn how to raise retention rates and grow giving using responsive fundraising. 

Year-End Fundraising: What 2019 Taught Us and How to Succeed in 2020

Is your nonprofit prepared to make the most of the 2020 giving season? Learn how you can scale donations using proven strategies while adapting to the changes of 2020. 

How to Launch and Scale a Best-In-Class Recurring Giving Program

Recurring donors, on average, are worth 4.87X more than a one-time donor to your nonprofit. Learn how to set up a program to increase donor lifetime value, overall engagement, and make your fundraising job easier.

5 Tips to Host and Market a Best-In-Class Nonprofit Virtual Event

Canceling your nonprofit’s in-person event or gala doesn’t have to set your organization’s fundraising goals back. Learn how you can successfully turn your live event virtual. 

Marketing Through a Crisis Roundtable: Museums, Theaters, & More

If you a nonprofit arts or museum professional that is struggling with how to market and fundraise, learn strategies on how to maintain revenue while navigating social distancing guidelines. 

5 Tips to Boost Your Nonprofit's Fundraising Using Facebook & Instagram Ads

Watch as our team of expert nonprofit digital marketers walk you through exactly how we’ve raised millions of dollars for nonprofits on the platform.

#GivingTuesdayNow: 4 Ways to Maximize Your May 5th Fundraising Campaign

Nonprofits who are intentional about how and where they tell stories around this day are the ones who will stand out, and in turn, deliver impact to their communities who need support. 

Set Your Nonprofit Up For Success: 5 Principles to Manage Through a Recession

It is possible to seize growth opportunities during the trying times of market volatility. Gearing your nonprofit up to execute decisively can get you further than just weathering the storm.

Market Where It Matters: How to Scale Online Giving in Today's Digital World

It is time for your nonprofit to market effectively where people’s attention is actually at, which is on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and in their email inbox.

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