Zero Breast Cancer

 Increase site traffic, brand awareness, and resource utilization with the Google Ad Grant

Google Ad Grants Success Story

Their goal was to increase site traffic, brand awareness, and resource utilization. 

+ 111 %
Increase in Overall Site Traffic
+ 448 %
Increase in Site Traffic From The Google Ad Grant
+ 138 %
Increase in Direct Site Traffic

Their Story

Prevent Breast Cancer and Reduce Recurrence in Survivors

Zero Breast Cancer promotes breast cancer risk reduction by translating scientific research into recommendations for actions that support health and wellness at key stages of life. Their goal is to disseminate resources that can help future generations prevent breast cancer and reduce recurrence in survivors.

Their Goal

Their goal was to increase site traffic, brand awareness, and resource utilization

ZBC wanted to expand to a wider audience. They had a lot to provide on their website and wanted help getting the word out to grow awareness about their organization as a source of knowledge when it comes to breast cancer risk and recurrence reduction. 

The Solution

Google Ad Grant

We used the Google Ad Grant to build campaigns around the variety of resources they have available, primarily blog posts, guides and downloadable infographics, factsheets, and activity books.

We wanted to take advantage of the Google Ad Grant $10,000, but we did not have the in-house expertise to figure out how to maximize our results. Community Boost has done an excellent job of providing space for our input, understanding the value of our online resources, and driving people to them. The insights gained from our Ad Grant successes have also helped us make decisions about where to spend our time developing new content
- Zero Breast Cancer

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