Nonprofit Analytics Services

Analytics is the data behind the actions people are taking, from visiting your website to clicking on your ad to watching the content you have created. By analyzing this data, you can begin to make better-informed business decisions to make your marketing efforts go farther. We help nonprofits unlock useful insights from their analytics.

How Analytics Helps Your Nonprofit

See Where Your Visitors Come From

Using Google Analytics, you can see the ‘referer’ to your site. This data tells us how this person ended up on your website. Some common referrers include Google searches, a Facebook ad, or typing in your URL to reach your site directly. 

Increase Your Return on Investment

When you’re tracking every impression, every click, and every conversion, you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Using this data, you are able to test new strategies with more efficiency putting your budget where it will have the most impact. 

Better Track Your Goals

Seeing the results of your goals is important, whether that is generating donations, volunteer sign-ups, or email opt-ins, but what’s even more important is knowing where they came from. By identifying the source and the path they went on to achieve this goal, you are able to create future data-driven decisions and strategies.  


  • Do I have to pay for Google Analytics?

    No, Google Analytics is a free tool that Google provides.

  • What types of things can I track?

    Google Analytics provides a variety of information about the people who visit your website, just a few include age, gender, device used, and location, as well as where they came from whether that’s from Facebook, Google, or various other sources.  

  • How do I set up an Analytics account?

    Simply go to the Google Analytics home page and click ‘Start for free.’ You’ll then enter your organization’s name, choose the settings you’d like, and type in your website’s URL. Once you click ‘Create’ your account is all set up and ready to use. After that, you’ll just need to enter a piece of code onto your website in order for Google Analytics to begin collecting data. 

  • Can I use Google Analytics for the ads I am running?

    Yes! You can create custom links to see where your conversions are coming from, as well as use the data in analytics to identify the best people and platforms to target.  

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