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About Growing Your Nonprofit

Our team of purpose-driven digital marketers would love to learn more about your mission and chat about how your nonprofit can drive more online supporters, volunteers, clients and donors by:

  • Effectively utilizing the $10,000 per month Google Ad Grant
  • Profitably scaling Facebook advertising
  • Increase lifetime value via email marketing
  • Much more

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What Can Community Boost Help Me With?

From Google Ad Grants to Facebook Ads to Email Marketing, the Community Boost team is here to learn about your mission and to diagnose if certain digital marketing channels will make an impact on your organization.

$10K/mo Google Ad Grants

Let’s discuss how your nonprofit can qualify and fully leverage a $10,000 per month Google Ad Grant to drive upwards of 5,000+ new site visitors who are new to your cause every single month.

Facebook Advertising

Let’s talk about how to best leverage Facebook advertising hyper-target qualified leads and new donors.

Email Marketing

Effective email marketing segmenting and automation is one of the best ways to increase retention and lifetime value from your nonprofit’s supporters.

Conversion Design

Let’s talk about using our specialized methods, strategies, and tools to convert website visitors in the most impactful possible manner.

Analytics & Reporting

It’s time to revamp your analytics foundation, track all online conversions and take your data-driven decision making to the next level.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Let’s collaborate to create a custom digital marketing strategy roadmap that can help your nonprofit build a full lead acquisition funnel.

What to Expect When You Talk to Our Team

On our discovery calls, you can expect to meet (often on video) with one of Community Boost’s digital marketing specialists. We will dive deep into your nonprofit digital goals. In addition, our team can answer any and all questions you may have regarding:

  • Google Ad Grants
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • How cBC typically engages with our NPO partners

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Increased Online Revenue

Ready to Scale Your Nonprofit's Online Revenue & Social Impact?

Your nonprofit likely already has a strong mission and story, let’s connect and discuss how Community Boost can help drive more lifetime value and revenue so your organization can further increase its social impact.

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The Community Boost team loves connecting with new nonprofit organizations and collaborating on how we can use online marketing to accelerate your organization’s impact.

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