Cancer Research Institute

Driving Online Donation Revenue By Consistently Converting Donors

Nonprofit Google Ad Grants, Paid Search, and Facebook + Instagram Ads Success Story

Cancer Research Institute worked with Community Boost to drive online donations using multiple channels. 

$ 1,005,843
Raised Online in 32 Days
+ 63 %
Giving Tuesday Revenue Growth in 2020 Compared to 2019
+ 20,813
Clicks Generated by the Google Ad Grant
$ 40,330
Donation Revenue from Paid Search on Bing
$ 66,811
Donation Revenue from Facebook and Instagram Ads
+ 622 %
Return on Ad Spend from Facebook and Instagram Ads
$ 37,527
Donation Revenue Generated from Remarketing Ads Alone

Their Story

Saving More Lives by Fueling The Discovery and Development of Powerful Immunotherapies for All Types of Cancer

CRI works in tandem with their global network of researchers, supporters, patients, and advocates, to fund the best scientists doing the most promising research—all while promoting awareness, sharing up-to-date immunotherapy information, and inspiring lifelong advocacy for the cause.

Their Goal

Generate Online Donation Revenue

CRI's goal was to increase their online donation revenue by utilizing the Google Ad Grant, Paid Search Ads, and Facebook & Instagram Ads.

The Solution

Paid Search Ads

We created campaigns that targeting users looking to donate in memory of someone or to cancer research in general which lead to our largest source of gifts. Additionally, we targeted users looking to donate to a specific kind of cancer research with Ovarian Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer being the next largest sources of gifts. 

Keyword Targeting & Bidding

We leveraged two different bidding strategies including Target CPA and Maximize Conversions, along with campaigns using different levels of keyword strictness including Broad Match, Broad Match Modified, Phrase Match, and Exact Match. This allowed us to maximize our exposure when Google’s algorithm believed there was an opportunity for a conversion that best suited our different campaigns.

Google Ad Grant

We worked directly with the Google Ad Grants team to ensure that CRI would be awarded extra ad spend during Year End. This allowed us to exceed the daily budget limit of $1,315 on many days. The increased budget allowed us to further build our remarketing lists which Facebook & Instagram campaigns were able to leverage.

Creative Strategy Adjustments

During December after the Gratitude/Prewire phase of our campaign & Giving Tuesday, we weren’t seeing the kind of acceleration in engagement or giving that we expected. Our team decided to change our creative strategy from logical appeals showing scientists working on cancer research to one showing cells with more colorful imagery, and using punchier attention-grabbing copy. This adaptation immediately began to generate more giving than our previous ads.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Remarketing

We launched campaigns focused on remarketing. We were able to be more direct with users because they've already been introduced to the campaign by using shorter, punchier appeals. Unsurprisingly, our Remarketing Audiences were attributed to the largest amount of gifts compared to any other, coming in at $37,527 in online revenue out of the total.

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