How to Pre-Wire Donors with Ads for Impact

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5 min to read ✭ Learn about the positive effects of pre-wiring donors before year-end using ads for impact and discover what channels you can use to do so.

What are Ads for Impact?

Would you want someone to ask you for money before understanding what kind of impact and work the organization does? In a highly competitive market, what helps donors choose your nonprofit is your story. How is your mission making an impact and how does that make the donor feel? Are you using ads for impact to create a lasting psychological impact on your audience?


There are more ways than one to include supporters and donors, whether they are recurring or first-time, in your nonprofit’s impact goals. During this time of year-end, the one thing we suggest is to pre-wire donors. Get your story in front of the right people who will end up becoming part of your fundraising accomplishments. We do this with ads for impact. 


Launching ads for impact across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Display, and more that showcase the impact of your nonprofit is the key to having donors choose you. This could include a short video clip showing your nonprofit in the animal hospital, or an in-action video of volunteers helping build wells. Whatever your impact is, tell the story! 


How to Engage Audiences with Ads for Impact

Facebook, Instagram, and other advertising can seem technically daunting to some, but they are becoming more demanding from the nonprofit sector. This is because there has been extreme success with ads for impact and become the most successful marketing strategy for some of our partners. 


4 Tools for Engaging Audiences With Ads for Impact:


Clear Concise Creative

It is best to create ads that get the message across clearly and even suggest the benefits for donors to hop on board. Success is derived from clear copy, quantitative elements, and short video ads that effectively spread awareness and education. If you don’t know where to start, test a few renditions and let your donor decide what creative they want to see! Soles for Souls used these methods to obtain an 83% retention rate with $3,147 in monthly recurring revenue. 

facebook ad creative


Choose who will be most impacted by your ads. You can target past donors, look-a-like audiences, visitors to the donation pages, or remarket to those who have engaged with your social channels. El Education used this method to reach almost 37,000 of their targeted audience. 


Gratitude Campaign

Gratitude gets donations! This is important to the point of not exhausting donors with the big ask. Instead, you can try creating impact ads that show gratitude for their contributions. This also shows non-donors what kind of impact they can make by donating and creating value for their cause. The Citizens Foundation received a 19.6X return on ad spend from their gratitude campaign. 

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Awareness Campaign

This is a great way to pre-wire potential donors. Highlighting the importance of your cause to new audiences can build a larger, more effective remarketing audience that you can push to donate during Year-End. During Year-End, Cancer Research Institute used an awareness campaign to receive a 6.22X return on ad spend.

awareness campaign

Best Channels to Use for Impact Advertising

Youtube & Display

These are both extremely cost-effective ways to stay connected with those large volumes of potential donors with creative ads for impact here. We like to say that video is king and can build your specific campaign awareness. This is the channel that requires attention to where you place your ads. 


Facebook & Instagram

Facebook makes it easy to create high-impact video ads, custom, and look-a-like audiences, and then measure activity and conversions, all with the power of Facebook. This is the best channel for custom storytelling to pre-wire and warm donors. However, Facebook and Instagram can be the more expensive channels to run ads for impact. Like Facebook, Instagram has hyper-targeting abilities. So when you choose which audience to pre-wire you can hone in on them. You can create custom lists directly from your donor lists.


Microsoft Ads for Social Impact

Microsoft Ads for Impact is offering a $1,000 monthly spend for eligible nonprofits starting in April 2023. Grow awareness through a wider potential audience base. Catch the people who are not on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook!

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