Facebook Ad Creative to Skyrocket Results

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Facebook Ad Creative to Skyrocket Results


Nonprofits worldwide always strive to attract new supporters, increase and maintain engagement with their audience, and increase the number of donations for their cause. While these goals are clear, achieving them is not always easy. 


Fortunately, those goals have become more accessible due to the age of social media. Today, social media platforms have become helpful tools for nonprofits to utilize since it has made connecting with their audience easier. Social Media platforms like Facebook allow nonprofits to display who they are and what their cause is about.


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Importance of Utilizing Ad Creative 


On Facebook alone, there was an average of 1.97 billion daily users and 2.93 billion monthly users as of June 30, 2022. This shows the importance of utilizing Facebook and Facebook ads to your advantage when reaching and engaging with current and potential audiences. 


Ad creative is an effective way to reach and increase your audience on platforms like Facebook. This is because ad creative can boost brand recognition by creating ads that resonate with people’s interests and values. In this blog, you will learn how to make compelling ad creative that will help reach your nonprofit’s goals.


Research & Preparation for Facebook Ad Creative


Doing research on your audience and Facebook trends are imperative to preparing for Facebook ad creative. The good news is we have already done the research for you! 



First, it is crucial to know the audience you are communicating with. Understanding your target audiences’ demographics, likes, and dislikes will help make the ad you create more effective. Sometimes discovering the type of content that effectively engages your audience can be demanding, but understanding social media channels like Facebook can make things easier


For instance, your Facebook Business Manager automatically tracks information about your current donors, such as pages and interests that they like, giving you a clear indication of who you should market to. Taking advantage of this information will help your chances of increasing engagement.



Once you have identified your target audience, it is important to know what is trending in the platform, your demographic, and your industry. Knowing and utilizing these trends is a great way for you to attract positive attention from those you are targeting. 


For example, Facebook has trending sounds that can be utilized to capture a wider audience with your ads. Of course, video is king on Facebook because they are interactive and more effectively convey a message better than a photo can. 



The one essential item that needs careful preparation for your organization’s success is how you tell its story. How you share your organization’s story dictates the type of engagement your organization will receive. For example, sharing meaningful facts and information about your organization, like its accomplishments and aspirations could hold value to your current and potential supporters, helping you maintain and increase engagement. Your story is what people want to know, and if your viewers find value in it, any support or donations will feel like an exchange of knowledge for them rather than an offering.


Furthermore, find assistance from your current supporters. Use your community to share all the great things you’ve accomplished, let your followers share your successes, turn those successes into ads and let the world see your impact! As a nonprofit solving your community’s problems, you deserve to be heard. Lastly, stories are effective because they appeal to the user’s emotional side, which also compliments their logical side that connects to the value and the appeal. 


How To Create An Effective Facebook Ad


Captivating Creative  

There are a few different ways to make a captivating Facebook Ad creative. The most effective practices are to use pictures and videos; however, videos tend to perform the best because they come across more naturally than pictures or graphics. Audiences respond better to ad creative that is more interactive and conveys messages more effectively. 



While images and graphics usually convey the proper messaging for an effective ad, their lack of interaction makes it easier for audiences to dismiss. Lastly, when drafting your ad, it is important to remember where your audiences will be viewing it. There are many specific ways your ads are viewed on Facebook. Ads can be in the form of stories, which should be formatted vertically; in-feed ads need to be in square format, and if ads are being viewed from a desktop, ideally, you want them to be horizontal. The user view is important to keep in mind so that your audience can experience your ads the way you intended.



Engaging ad copy

Sometimes it can be challenging for nonprofits to ask their audiences for something in their Facebook ad creative. The reason for this is people generally don’t like being advertised to, especially when they are part of a new audience, and this is why it is vital to have engaging ad copy. In short, ad copy is the content that encourages your audience to take action, and for nonprofits, that usually means asking for support or a donation. Here is an effective process that can help you develop engaging ad copy:


Who are you?

First, giving your audience insight into who you are is crucial to the success of your ad copy, especially if they are a new audience. Also, it is helpful to establish with your audience what your organization does or who they impact. 


What do you want them to do?

Next is your ask. Understand what you want your audience to do. Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter? Join your community? Donate? Whatever your ask is, rephrase it to fit your brand and audience; this will help set you up for a more engaging ad copy.  


What do donors get out of it? 

It is important to remember that your ad copy needs to feel like an exchange of value for the audience. What do they get out of it? Do they learn something? Do they get a good feeling? Managing how you can provide value to your audiences increases the success of your ad copy.


Make it stand out!

Figures and emojis work very well with ad copy. Audiences want to know numbers because they are easy to gravitate toward when they are on Facebook’s platform, and the use of emojis is excellent for breaking up text and making your ad copy’s messaging more fun and alluring.


Call to action

The Call to Action is the button on your Facebook Ad Creative that your viewer presses to either download something, donate to your cause, or give them the ability to learn more information about your organization, etc. There are several call-to-action options available to you, depending on the objective of your ad campaign. 


As we stated earlier, it is important to understand who your audience is and what you want them to do; the same concept applies here. For example, if you are speaking to a new audience, it is probably not the best strategy to go ahead with a hard ask. Instead, it would be more effective to use a call-to-action button that provides information about you, like a “learn more” button. In other words, it’s best to send your audience through the marketing funnel and develop a relationship with them before asking for a donation. By being aware of your ad campaign objectives and audiences, applying the correct call-to-action button becomes a simple task!




Ad headlines are your opportunity to grab positive attention from your audience so they will feel compelled to view your ad. For your ad headlines to effectively serve this purpose, they need specific characteristics. F.U.N.D is a simple acronym that can help you develop effective headlines with the necessary elements to boost ad performance.



F = festive. When drafting your ad headlines, making them fun, gravitating, and engaging is best. The use of emojis, exclamations, and capitalization when necessary are great ways to accomplish this.     

U = unique. Additionally, try to make your ad headlines unique to your organization, project, or even your ask. If your ad headlines stand out to those that view them, it will help your chances of ad views, which will draw more people to your brand, resulting in your ability to grow audience engagement.

N = Noteworthy. Make it memorable! It’s crucial to think about how your ad headlines and ads as a whole will leave a lasting impression on the user if or when the user is compelled to donate to your cause.  

D = Direct. It is best to make your headlines short and simple. Long headlines can get cut off on Facebook’s platform or may even look like a paragraph, making it easy for users not to be interested when seeing your ad.


Making it memorable 

Once you have made effective ads that compel your audience to donate to your cause, you must make their giving experience positive and memorable. Here are some strategies you can implement so your organization can do that:


Send them a thank you email

Being courteous and expressing gratitude for their donation and support is a great way to show that you care about them. 


Consider an impact campaign

This can be a thank you campaign, where you share what your organization did with their donations and how their contribution has made a difference. Doing this might compel them to make a donation in the future.    



Stay socially active year-round

Keep in mind that being socially active with your audience is a must. This helps you develop rapport with your audience, which makes it easier to ask for a donation instead of asking your audience for one with little to no engagement. You can do this by sharing your organization’s goals for the year, sharing events they can be a part of, or simply reaching out to them by email that provides information about your organization. By doing these things, you are always fresh in their mind. 


Utilizing these strategies can lead to more future donations and help you develop a solid and genuine relationship with your donors.


Why is Facebook Ad Creative Essential For Your Marketing Strategy? 


Facebook Ad Creative is essential for your marketing strategy because they help you increase audience engagement. When you know how to do it well, you set up your organization for success in increasing support for your cause, and more importantly, it will drive more donations. Without the knowledge of making effective ads, your year-end strategy will be lacking, and your year-end goals will be challenging.


How Ad Creative Can Help You Reach Your Year-End Marketing Goals


What is year-end, and why does it matter? Year-end is the time from November through the end of December and can sometimes even go into the beginning of January. During this time, nonprofits should be focused on their fundraising efforts because people are usually in the spirit of giving. While year-end can be a little over two months, 31% of all giving happens during December alone! That said, nonprofits need to have a solid ability in Facebook Ad creative development included in their year-end marketing plan if their organization looks to capitalize on this critical time of the year.  

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