How to Make Facebook and Instagram Advertising Work for Your Nonprofit

Your Nonprofit's Most Profitable and Scaleable Online Fundraising Channel

With over $3B having been raised on Facebook & Instagram to date ($120M on Giving Tuesday 2019 alone)—Facebook and Instagram advertising are validated fundraising channels.

But too many nonprofits we talk to haven’t been able to get the results they need out of their ads. While this struggle to achieve optimal results makes sense, that doesn’t mean success here is impossible. In the last two years, driving over $6.4M in conversions for impact to 100+ NPOs, we’ve learned exactly how to (and how not to) make Facebook and Instagram Ads work for your nonprofit.

In This Webinar We Cover:

  • How EL Education used Facebook and Instagram ads to reach new potential donors and turn their virtual event into a raving success.
  • How Soles4Souls uses Facebook and Instagram Ads as a central part of their digital marketing and fundraising to consistently drive online fundraising and revenue.
  • Community Boost’s specific tips to make Facebook and Instagram ads work for your nonprofit.

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