Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Be Using Facebook

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1 min to read ✭ Learn why Facebook can be an effective tool for nonprofits and how your nonprofit can leverage Facebook to reach donors through Facebook Ads.

How to Reach Your Donors

The number one reason to be using Facebook is because of your donors! They want to know what your organization is doing. Plus, doesn’t it make sense to reach them where they spend the majority of their attention? As of Q4 of last year, Facebook had 2.3 billion monthly active users on their site.So, it is highly likely that our donors are scrolling through their Facebook feeds, just waiting to come across your ads. The most important thing about reaching your target audience is to create compelling ads, combining great visuals with a call-to-action. Your ultimate goal is to get people to do what you want them to do, so make sure your campaigns run strong.

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Run Facebook Ads

Did you know that 21% of donations occur directly through social media? Take advantage of the power and visibility of social media. Utilize the ability to reach new audiences on Facebook who are mission-aligned, but who have not had the chance to learn about your organization yet. . Facebook ads can be highly effective when you have a goal in mind, whether it’s brand awareness or driving donations. Whatever your goal, find people who are aligned with the initiative your nonprofit is taking to alleviate a problem in your community. Running ads on Facebook will even help with ensuring that you are understanding your organization’s audience. Once you run an ad, you are able to measure how it is doing — further seeing what works and what doesn’t.    

While Facebook’s platform is paid out of pocket, unlike the Google Ad Grant, you will likely get a great return on your marketing investment. All you have to do is allocate a marketing budget and effectively strategize how to best tackle your Facebook ad campaigns – Facebook with do the rest!  

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