Year-End Giving Started Yesterday

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2 min to read ✭ Learn why it is crucial to start preparing for year-end giving today.

Failure to plan is planning to fail.

We all know the importance of year-end giving. Historically, over 30% of donations are given to nonprofits during the month of December alone.


Stand Out

So many organizations consistently run the same playbook for year-end giving year after year after year. This is your time to be different. This is your time to take more high potential growth risks. This is your time to stand out amongst all the other nonprofits that are going through the motions of year-end giving.


Protect the Time

Protect the time to get ahead and work on year-end giving starting today. No excuses. Your year-end results truly are in your own control. Humans want to support missions they care about. We just have to be sure we are sharing our impact, where new potential supporter’s attention is actually at, which is online, on mobile, on Facebook, Instagram, Google, in their inbox and more.

Cameron Ripley

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