Remarketing Strategies for Facebook Ads in 2021

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2 min to read ✭ In this post, you'll learn about how to shift your remarketing strategy for Facebook ads due to the iOS14 update.

Remarketing is Changing for Facebook Ads

Facebook ads and remarketing capabilities are changing. With the impending iOS14 update, many traditional forms of website remarketing will no longer be available due to privacy issues. Making a shift to on-platform remarketing will allow your organization to reach your target audiences in a cost-effective and impactful way.


The Problem

Apple has announced that in the iOS 14 update, any website that uses tracking like the Facebook Pixel will prompt users to consent to their data being used and offer an option for users to opt-out from any tracking on the site. If users choose to opt-out we will not be able to retarget them or see their site actions through tracking. 

Because of this opt-out option, we will no longer be able to accurately retarget every user that enters the site the way we currently can. Although some users will consent to their data being collected, the accuracy of reporting and population of remarketing audiences from a website source will fluctuate.


Our Solution

Our solution to combating website remarketing issues is through retargeting based on video views. Facebook allows you to create a custom audience of users who have watched as little as three seconds of your page’s videos (organically posted or through ads.) 

One nonprofit, for example, has run a campaign centering around video views that has 21,940 views at $0.02 cost per view. All of those who have watched the video can be retargeted with future donation/traffic ads to build their engaged audience.


Although remarketing the way we know it is changing on Facebook, there are still ways to capture your audience’s attention and serve them impactful ads by remarketing in-platform. Using attention-grabbing videos can build your nonprofit a strong base of video viewers and deliver your message to those who are already interested.

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