A Human Project Case Study

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About A Human Project

A HUMAN PROJECT, founded by Wesley Chapman, is a for-purpose organization dedicated to creating a global revolution of empowered youth. Through speaking engagements, educational programs, and other services, A Human Project creates solutions to help individuals realize their own self-worth.

Website: www.ahumanproject.com


Most Critical Business Problem

A Human Project’s goal is to book speaking engagements to reach more schools, churches, and community centers. Before the Ad Grant, one of A Human Project’s most critical business problems was general brand awareness online. Wes and his team did not have much search traffic surrounding their organization, most people visiting the AHP website were already champions of their cause. Their goal with the Google Grant was to break into new audiences and share their mission with new supporters to book new speaking engagements across the country.


The Challenge

At the time that Community Boost was getting started with AHP, AHP didn’t have a very large online presence. We knew that for many people viewing their ads, it would be their first time ever hearing about their cause.

How do you reach new supporters and enroll them in your organization?


Community Boost’s Solution

Google Ad Grant Persona Development & Strategy

Community Boost is always leveraging the power of data. Community Boost was quick to hone in on AHP’s persona and engage them with best in class ad copy and conversion design strategy in order to hit our goal of 5,000 web visitors to the A Human Project website every month.

Since Community Boost also specializes in supporting nonprofits in creating and identifying their donors’ persona, Community Boost was quick to identify that the majority of AHP site visitors were mobile visitors. Our AdWords specialists quickly adjusted the strategy to be geared toward mobile-only. A mobile-only strategy focuses ad spend budget on users on their mobile device as opposed to a desktop or laptop. This, in turn, was able to generate more calls to A Human Project in order to organize more speaking engagements!

Since then, Community Boost has been able to increase traffic from Ad Groups that were geared towards people who are searching for topics such as troubled youth, teen depression, and child abuse. These are an example of topics that will reach someone who might not be aware of A Human Project’s organization, but if they are searching for this topic they’re most likely someone who would want to learn more about getting involved with AHP.


Result – New Traffic Increase

In 2016, Community Boost and the Ad Grant supported A Human Project in sending 43,846 new visitors to their site! Of the people that visited the site in 2016, 78% of visitors were a result of our AdWords efforts. 


Result – Speaking Engagements

From these visitors, A Human Project was able to book engagements across the United States. 60% of AHP’s bookings were a result of  our AdWords! This helped Wes and his team spend 232 days on the road visiting schools, churches, and communities, which impacted over 14,000 children. 


The Bottom Line

$10,000 in free ad spend is amazing, but at the end of the day what really matters is the impact that you’re making in the world. For A Human Project, they were able to help 14,000 children realize that their lives matter. What will your organization be able to do with your Google Ad Grant?

Matt Better

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