How To Make Your Year End Campaign Not Boring

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2 min to read ✭ Read on as we provide 5 tips to ensure your year end fundraising campaign stands out from the rest!

People’s attention spans, like the puppy in this video, are incredibly short and all over the place, especially when they’re using social media and the internet. In addition, year end is a super noisy time because every company is campaigning. Therefore, your year end campaigns need to be exciting and unique. So, let’s talk about how to mix it up and how to stand out so you can get new donors’ attention. 


1. Video

The top recommended tip to really make your campaign not boring is to have some video content and some video assets. Video is huge. It helps us tell the story quickly. It’s incredibly effective when running Facebook ads. If you are able to create video about your year end campaign and how donated funds will help your cause, the conversion rates will be higher.


2. GIFs

The second tip is to use GIFs. GIFs in email are short and sweet. You’ve probably seen them but most nonprofits don’t use them. However, using GIFs in email creates animation that can be really powerful at getting people’s attention. Especially when they’re already getting a lot of email during year end giving. 


3. Fresh, Creative Imagery

Our third tip is to use fresh creative imagery. Use new images throughout the whole campaign. Mix up the creative and imagery, rather than just having one banner image throughout the entire campaign. Use different images than you’ve used in previous years.


4. Focus on The Story

It all comes down to storytelling. Storytelling is crucial. Humanize why your campaign matters, why your cause stands out from the rest. The data of your impact pulls on the mind and emotions. For year end, focus on the heart and pull on the heartstrings, especially for new donor acquisition. 


5. Stewardship

Finally, and probably most importantly, is stewardship. Stewardship is the lowest hanging fruit to separate your cause from other organizations. For example, when people donate on Giving Tuesday, say thank you with a video or express your gratitude in a new way. If people are giving for the first time on Giving Tuesday, you’ll see that they’re more likely to give again next year end if you engage in attention-grabbing stewardship, rather than just sending a typical transactional email. Possibly this means that your beneficiary says thank you in a video or saying thank you on social media. There are all sorts of ways.

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