How to Gain Traction During Year End

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2 min to read ✭ Learn about the practices your nonprofit needs to be implementing in order to gain traction during year-end giving.

Most nonprofits do a fine job coming up with their year-end creative and messaging, making their asks tangible and transparent. However, many struggle to gain traction and awareness from new potential supporters during the giving season. The problem typically isn’t the campaign creative, but that it is not driving actual donations.


1. Strategize

First, take a few minutes and strategize the different channels your team can utilize to gain more traction during year-end giving. Think about both their potential and needed lift to test and implement. Brainstorm channels like Facebook and Instagram Ads, the $10K/month Google Ad Grant, paid Google Ads outside of the Ad Grant, specific social media channels, improvements in email marketing, PR, micro-influencer campaigns, and more.


2. Budget Your Time Wisely

The biggest mistake most nonprofits make is they spend so much time on the perfection of their year-end appeals and imagery (and those things are certainly important), but then organizations are so slow and risk-averse in trying and investing in key traction channels.


3. Try New Channels

This is the time of year to try new channels. If your organization has never really invested in Facebook and Instagram ads, make this the year. If your organization has never attempted a micro-influencer Instagram campaign, this is the year. Make this the year of trying and growing high potential traction channels that can take your year-end giving to new results.

Cameron Ripley

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