How to Crush Giving Tuesday 2019

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2 min to read ✭ Learn about the importance of Giving Tuesday and strategies to increase your impact. 

Giving Tuesday continues to be a massive and growing opportunity for nonprofits. In 2018, organizations raised almost $400 million online in the United States alone. Let’s look back on the growth of Giving Tuesday since 2012.


Giving Tuesday by the Numbers

2012 – $12 million

2013 – $27 million

2014 – $47.5 million

2015 – $116.7 million

2016 – $168 million

2017 – $274 million

2018 – almost $400 million

Giving Tuesday is not a fad and if it is not a major adrenaline shot for your organization you are leaving money on the table. Some of the community thought Giving Tuesday would plateau by now, but it has absolutely accelerated, especially in recent years due to the Giving Tuesday Facebook Effect. Take a look at the drastic increase in donations through Facebook on this important day. 

2016 – $0

2017 – $45 million

2018 – $125 million


What is Giving Tuesday About?

Giving Tuesday is all about new donor acquisition and next level stewardship for new donors. 

Data from donation platforms like Classy, indicate that nonprofits acquire 4X more new donors on Giving Tuesday than on a typical day of the year.

Giving Tuesday is designed to be a movement. Donors want to be apart of something bigger than themselves. When they do give, be sure to make them feel extra special this day. Rock some specific Giving Tuesday thank you creative.  Go LIVE and test a ton of IG story content. See if you can get some micro-influencers to give and share on Giving Tuesday. Get creative!


How to Prepare

Send as many emails as you need to on Giving Tuesday. Also, lean heavily on Facebook and Instagram ads. Not just on this day, but in the weeks prior (we recommend the majority of November). Run ads that are more impact-focused, what have you accomplished this year? Build that recognition, and then hit your Giving Tuesday ask hard! It’s a noisy day so be loud and stand out in your creative.

Facebook and Instagram ads are game-changing because you can hyper-target past and current donors to increase retention and lifetime value, but arguably more exciting, you can target lookalike new donor audiences.

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