Friday Five 036: Use Your Content to Inspire

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2.5 min to read ✭ Join us in Episode 036 of the Friday Five, as we cover how to drive email subscribers, as well as creating content to increase your reach, drive engagement and generate gifts. 

What is the Friday Five?

Each Friday, we will be answering your most pressing questions from our Digital Marketing for Nonprofits Facebook group. If we don’t cover a challenge that you or your nonprofit colleagues are facing, drop us a comment below or tweet us @CommunityBoost and we’ll add it to the queue. 

Let’s dive in! 


Nonprofit Marketing Challenges

1) Your Biggest Marketing Challenge: “Stale email subscriber list.” – Clare, American Film Institute

Our Solution: Email can be such a powerful tool when it comes to nonprofit marketing. Overall, it’s important to make it a habit to ABB – always be building the email lists. Looking at your website, our first recommendation is to utilize lite conversion design tactics like a pop-up box or scroll box to gather fresh emails consistently. Also, you can try other lead form tactics like driving Google Ad Grant traffic to specific packages and providing some sort of guide or value – a reason for someone to share their email. We have built similar funnels for clients and they can add hundreds of new subscribers a month.


2) Your Biggest Marketing Challenge“Utilizing the new Facebook algorithms to be in our favor.”  – LuLu, Better Business Bureau

Our Solution: Step one is working to improve comments, shares, clicks, etc. Video content can be really great too if leadership will allow new creative techniques. Overall, this will take time but you have to ask yourself if the content is really good enough and interests your audience. At the end of the day, content is king. Lastly, Facebook and Instagram ads can be extremely effective to improve Facebook platform performance. Sometimes we take high performing organic posts and run them as ads to really scale visibility.


3) Your Biggest Marketing Challenge: “Growing our reach affordably.”  – Katie, Redeeming Love

Our Solution: Experiment with the Google Ad Grant to drive higher, consistent site traffic. Human trafficking prevention and other terms can drive a lot of new visits to your site. Second, document the journey of your organization, of those you help and increase your content output. It takes time, but long-term can be worth it. 


4) Your Biggest Marketing Challenge: “Large gifts.”  – Craig, Indigenous Education Foundation Of Tanzania

Our SolutionAll organizations want large gifts, but it’s important to focus on the donor journey. Large gifts take cultivation and we believe the best development teams run like the best sales teams on the for profit side. With that said, digital marketing can be a great way to both generate large gift leads for your team to grab coffee with, but also stay top of mind in an omni-channel approach as potential large donors consider giving wealth to your mission.

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