Boost Your Year-End Giving With Facebook, Google Ads, and Email

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1 min to read ✭ Check out our latest webinar with Classy and Chronicle of Philanthropy on how to Boost Year-End Giving Using Facebook, Google Ads, Email, and More! Learn how you can streamline your marketing strategy and amplify your nonprofit's year-end fundraising efforts.

We recently recorded a webinar with both the Classy and the Chronicles of Philanthropy team about how your nonprofit can boost year-end giving using Facebook, Google Ads, email, and many other resources.

If you’re looking to just further amplify your year-end giving efforts, and get that much more out of your online fundraising in the 2018 giving season, then definitely be sure to check out the webinar. Learn how you can take your campaigns from good to great with some of the valuable insights we share.


Quick Overview of Boost Year-End Giving Using Facebook, Google Ads, Email, and More

In the webinar, we hit some big data covering major trends that we have been seeing in online giving so far in 2018. We discuss the bullseye framework and how to prioritize time in a way that will get the most out of your digital channels.

Additionally, the webinar further dives into best practices in regards to Facebook and Instagram ads, the Google Ad Grant as well as paid Google Ads, email marketing, etc. It’s important to understand how to segment key best practices in order to not only improve open rates, but also retain actual donations. Moving on, we cover some great Q&A at the end as well.

Make sure to check out the webinar we recorded with Classy and Chronicles of Philanthropy. It’s a resource that you should absolutely utilize when looking to maximize your effectiveness within your organization’s campaign strategy.

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