About World’s Children

World’s Children supports the most vulnerable children in the world — children who have been abandoned or orphaned. Since 1965 they have cared for orphans, semi-orphans, homeless, abandoned, abused children and children with HIV/AIDS. Many are girls from poor families where they are not loved or wanted simply because they are girls.

Most Critical Business Problem

When we began our partnership in September of 2016, World’s Children had a healthy sponsor base but was not bringing in many new long term donors through their online channels. Individual donations to World’s Children absolutely help drive their mission forward, but long-term sponsors are the glue that holds their organization together. The goal was to increase new online donations and sponsor orders happening directly on the World’s Children website.

Children Need Sponsors

The Challenge

With the Google Ad Grant, it can sometimes take 2-3 months to start seeing exciting results depending on the industry, cause, and the nonprofit’s location targeting. We launched WC’s Ad Grant on 10/13/16.

We knew there was a decent amount of existing competition from other organizations who had stronger brand awareness such as Save The Children. That being said, the average sponsor with World’s Children donates $30/month for 10 years, so each one has an average lifetime value of $3,600.

Average Sponsor Value

Community Boost Solution

Google Ad Grant Qualification & Buildout

We helped World’s Children get approved for $10,000 in monthly advertising on Google to increase traffic of potential donors, and built detailed campaigns highlighting the most important areas of their website.

Result – New Website Traffic Spike

We launched the Google Ad Grant on 10/13/16 and within one month it was responsible for over 71% of all new users visiting with the World’s Children website.

New Users 10.13.16-11.13.16

Google / CPC = Google Ad Grant Traffic

Long Tail Keywords & Tangent Traffic

We knew it would be difficult to immediately compete for “sponsor a child” or “sponsor a girl.” There are nonprofits paying real money for these search terms and we are limited to $2.00 per click with the Google Grant. We built out in-depth variations of those keywords to bring relevant visitors in a competitive environment.

Result – New Donor Transactions

Using this strategy World’s Children brought in 6 new donors in a little over a month from launching the Google Ad Grant. Three of these donors committed to sponsorship of $30/month recurring payments.

New Google Ad Grant Donors

The Bottom Line

These actions led to fifteen new donors coming through from the Google Grant between October 13 2016 and December 2016. As 2016 wrapped up, World’s Children experienced 6,700 additional users visiting their website.

We proved that even with expensive search terms in a competitive & local environment, the Google Ad Grant can drive qualified traffic and convert them into new donors of your cause.

WC 2016 Google Grant Results
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