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How to Pre-Wire Donors with Ads for Impact

What are Ads for Impact? Would you want someone to ask you for money before understanding what kind of impact and work the organization does? In a highly competitive market, what helps donors choose your nonprofit is your story. How is your mission making an impact and how…

iOS 14 Update and CAPI: The Full Breakdown

The iOS 14 Update Apple is fully launching its iOS 14.5 update which will include a large privacy change in letting users choose to either opt-in or opt-out of app/website tracking. Tim Cook was interviewed on April 12, 2021, and said “I believe people should be asked to…

5 Facebook Strategies That Work In 2020

Facebook is one of the best marketing platforms available today. Shopify eCommerce accounts can see tremendous results through Facebook’s defined targeting system. Our nonprofits friends have also obtained spectacular ROI results utilizing these targeting options. You can see some of our case studies here. While Facebook has proven…

Facebook Ad Grants for Nonprofits

Is Facebook Ad Grants For Nonprofits Really Finally Happening?   Big news hit the nonprofit marketing wire this week as Facebook is officially testing out a new advertising credit program for nonprofits. It seems they are finally following in the footsteps of Google’s Ad Grant Program for Nonprofits,…

Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Marketing FAQs Answered

How Do I Select the Right Objective? Your Facebook marketing objective will likely be based on what goal you have in mind. In other words, why are you running ads? Are you looking to increase brand awareness or do you want to drive donations with conversions? Facebook’s machine learning…

Facebook Advertising 2018 Year-End Review for Nonprofit Marketing

We’re talking FIVE high level takeaways from this past year with Facebook Advertising that we think are worth sharing. Tune in for more on social proof, Facebook algorithms, and branded imaging!

Why Now is the Best Time to Reach Older Donors on Facebook

Learn what it means to scale your nonprofit and how you can scale your organization’s profit and impact.

5 Tips for Writing Facebook Ads That Drive Action

In this post, you’ll learn how to write Facebook ads that drive action.

How to Start More Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

In this post, you’ll learn how to use your Facebook page followers or website visitors to start more Facebook birthday fundraisers.