Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Marketing FAQs Answered

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2 min to read ✭ We're answering five of your frequently asked questions about how to improve your nonprofit's Facebook ad performance. Tune in to learn more! 

How Do I Select the Right Objective?

Your Facebook marketing objective will likely be based on what goal you have in mind. In other words, why are you running ads? Are you looking to increase brand awareness or do you want to drive donations with conversions?

Facebook’s machine learning helps target people who are most likely to engage with your ad based off the goal you select. If you select brand awareness, Facebook will find people who are likely to like and comment on posts. If you select the conversion objective, then Facebook will target people who are likely to click on links. Ensure to start off your Facebook marketing strategy effectively by having a clear goal in mind.


Am I Targeting the Right People?

To know if your nonprofit’s ads are targeting the right people, it’s important to have mapped out who your audience is. Create personas for your nonprofit to better understand who you are marketing to and how to best market to them.

Some things to take note of are the average age of your audience or is your audience primarily male or female, as well as what interests and other characteristics they tend to have in common. Getting your targeting as specific as possible will help lower your cost per conversion and keep your ads as relevant as possible to your best potential audience.


Are My Ads Good Enough?

Make sure to use high-quality images as well as ensuring the image is as relevant as possible to the purpose of the ad. Using compelling imagery along with enticing ad copy will help make your nonprofit’s Facebook ads be of higher quality and more engaging for the audience.


How Do I Know if the Ad is Working?

Based on what your marketing objective is, you can look at the metrics to see specifically how your ad is performing. If your goal was for more conversions and for website visitors to complete a donation, you will want to track purchases and donations while optimizing. Looking at metrics relevant to your goal will help you to better understand how your ad is working. 


What Do I Look For in Ads?

Metrics you should be looking to track in your Facebook ads are again relevant to the goal you originally set. However, for the most part, it’s good to look at metrics tracking link clicks, overall engagement, purchases and conversions, ad spend and cost-per-click.


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