Chat Automation & SMS Messaging for Nonprofits

Automated chatbots and SMS messaging are some of the newest and most effective ways to connect with your donors and communities where and when it matters most. By having chatbots on your website you can engage with and collect information of website visitors and with SMS messaging you can talk with your communities in one of the last places that people still pay attention to—their text messages.

How Chat Automation & SMS Messaging Helps Your Nonprofit

Time Saving Automation

The use of chatbots and SMS messages allows for an incredible amount of the donor deciding journey to be automated. This means less staff having to spend tedious time following up and engaging with donors, and more of our team being able to focus on the work that really matters—your mission.

Unparalleled Reach

SMS messaging has open rates upwards of 95%. The opt-in-only nature of the channel means when you send messages to your valued donors, they’ll open and see them. That’s something that can’t be said for almost every other marketing channel in existence.

Donor Feedback

SMS specifically allows you to have conversations with your donors that you can’t have anywhere else and with less prep time than any other platform. You can ask your donors for important feedback, send out monthly updates on the work they’re supporting, or use the platform for coordinated donation asks—all in one place. 


  • What is a chatbot?

    A chatbot is an application designed to conduct an online conversation via text. Chatbots can save you precious time automating common conversations by creating sequences that answer commonly asked questions and gathering important contact information if they still need to talk to a human.  

  • What can I use SMS messaging for?

    You can send out surveys to your donors, conduct donation campaigns, and even manage your volunteers. 

  • Why should my nonprofit use SMS messaging?

    97% of adults in the United States text, so if you’re looking for new ways to connect with current and future donors, you can be assured that they are checking their phones every day and they will see your message. This type of reach is unprecedented with other channels.

  • What happens if the chatbot can’t answer a question?

    Naturally, there will be some questions that come up that your chatbot won’t be able to answer. When this happens, you can set it up to collect contact information, so that you can reach out directly. 

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