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Social Media Marketing is just what it sounds like—marketing your nonprofit through the use of social media. It provides the landscape to connect instantly with current and future supporters in order to build the image they have of your organization. 

How Social Media Marketing Helps Your Nonprofit

More Inbound Traffic

Adding social media marketing to the mix makes for an easier time reaching a more diverse crowd that is still relevant to your audience group. Think of every social media profile you add to your marketing mix as a gateway to your website and every piece of content you post as another opportunity to gain more traction.


Social media marketing is the most economically-friendly part of an advertising strategy. It’s free to set up and manage profiles on almost all social networking platforms. Creating consistent and relevant content for your nonprofit is a cost-effective way to enhance your digital marketing strategy.

Conversion Rates

With increased visibility, your nonprofit gains more opportunities for conversion. Every image, video, or comment may lead followers to learn more about you or even donate. As your organization personifies its brand by sharing content and posting updates, this adds a human factor behind the account. Remember, people want to interact with people not just organizations. 


  • Can I just make one post and put it on all my social media platforms?

    No. Social Media Marketing should not be treated with a “one size fits all” mentality. While the point of all social media is the same in interconnecting one another, the environment on each platform varies greatly by both audience demographics and how the feed displays your content.

  • What is the best time of day to post on social media?

    There is no magical best time of day to post because the best time will vary for each nonprofit. What you can do is look at your previous posts and see what days and times your top-performing content was posted. The best thing to do is to keep testing and the results will help guide you. Also, be sure to keep in mind the time zone or zones your followers are in. You want to be posting when your followers are awake and most active on social media. 

  • My target audience isn’t Millennials or Gen Z, what’s the point of social media marketing?

    Every platform has a different audience. While TikTok may have a younger audience than you are currently aiming to reach, we have seen the usage of Facebook by older generations drastically increase in recent years. Your audience is on social media, but it will take some research to determine which platforms will be the best for your nonprofit to utilize.  

  • How do you know what content people want?

    Ask them! The best way to determine what types of content your followers really want is to reach out to them directly. Get a small group of your current supporters and see what resonates with them. You can also look at your past content and see what got the most engagement, then continue to make content like that.

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