1 min read ✭ Read on to learn why remarketing can significantly improve your bottom line this holiday season.

Stay Top of Mind

When it comes to digital advertising during year end, focus on remarketing. Remarketing means you’re holding the focus of potential donors by staying top of mind. This is focused on people who have been exposed to your brand because they’ve visited your website and donation pages, but haven’t donated yet. Continue to target your ads until they convert. There are many reasons why a person hasn’t donated yet but it doesn’t mean they don’t care. People can be easily side-tracked and distracted by the demands of the holiday season. Stay top of mind because remarketing can be extremely effective.

Small Inputs, Big Rewards

Facebook and Instagram ad remarketing is highly recommended, as well as Google display remarketing. In the context of Facebook remarketing, we’ve seen return on ad spend as high as 250%. Remarketing can be a small part of your digital ad budget, but the rewards can be massive. People care and want to give. Stay top of mind because you want your organization to hit their inbox and show up at the right time. Obtain high frequencies and hit your remarketing to reward your bottom line this holiday season. Don’t leave money on the table.

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