1 min read ✭  Taking a donor centered approach to your marketing & communications efforts will create a better supporter experience. How does your organization approach marketing?

Donor-Driven Marketing Approach

One of the biggest marketing and fundraising pain points among nonprofits is lacking an understanding of the audience they are trying to market to and engage with the most.

Putting time and energy into creating a donor-focused marketing approach is something that will prove to be worthwhile. A donor-focused marketing approach will help drive more revenue and create an improved supporter experience.

Nonprofit Persona Development

Persona development is where you combine the qualitative inputs with quantitative inputs and create this fictional representation of who your organization is marketing to. Break it down into your primary, secondary, and tertiary personas and gear your efforts to hypermarket to each audience more effectively. 

Your marketing and fundraising efforts will yield to be much more impactful when you have a deep understanding of who your audience is and how they will react to what you are presenting to them.

How to Create Personas for Your Nonprofit

When it comes to actually creating these personas for your organization, feel free to refer to the 2019 Persona Development Template that we have created to help guide you through the persona development process.

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