This Is Why Your Nonprofit Should Be Utilizing Instagram Stories

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1 min to read ✭ We're sharing some key reasons why your nonprofit should be utilizing Instagram stories! Learn why the 24-hour platform is a cool tool.

Instagram’s story platform gets a ton of viewership, which is why your nonprofit must be taking advantage of what it has to offer. Instagram stories are not shown in chronological order, and are a fantastic way to increase viewership for your organization.


Increased Viewership

Viewership and exposure alone are already huge wins to be celebrated. However, another great thing about Instagram stories are that they don’t have to be perfect content pieces. You can utilize stories to document a journey, share photos of your team working in the field, or videos of your organization’s day-to-day. Instagram stories don’t always have to be scripted and thoroughly planned out. While you can map out your content whenever you want, Instagram stories take very easily to impromptu and spontaneously posting schedules – which is great when you want to share something in the moment! It’s making producing content faster on limited resources ten times more accessible and actually achievable.

You Have Space for Hard Asks

Next, Instagram stories are a great place to actually make more hard asks. You don’t want to blow up your whole feed with donation requests, because that can come off a little too strong to your followers. However, on the stories front, you can be more pushy to prompt people to support and contribute to your organization. Stories don’t last longer than 24-hours unless you save them to your profile directly, so it gives you some space to test out different strategies for your asks.

Story Highlights

Highlights, which are what your stories become after you save them to your profile, are another great Instagram tool to take advantage of. You can create a series of highlights, grouping them by different types of stories you share. Highlights are not only visually compelling, but can be a strategic way to “highlight” the things you especially want your followers to see. Like campaign announcements, donation links, or other valuable information, to name a few.


Check out other nonprofit organizations’ Instagram profiles to see how they are utilizing stories and publishing highlights to their profiles! It’s seriously a valuable platform that your organization should be using.

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