Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Pay Attention to LinkedIn

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2 min to read ✭ Learn why LinkedIn is becoming a platform that many are tapping into and how your organization can benefit from LinkedIn on both the organic and ads front.

Why Should Your Organization Start Using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has become a platform that many are starting to turn to. The organic reach and engagement has so much potential, especially being a place to connect with other professionals. Unlike other platforms like Facebook and Instagram,  LinkedIn is a good platform to share posts and information about your organization. It is a platform that fosters creative and professional dialogue, where people want to know the good work an organization is doing or how they are having an impact.


The Scalable Potential of LinkedIn

The unfulfilled potential that many people or organizations aren’t tapping into is the LinkedIn Ads platform. Advertising on LinkedIn has the potential to help organizations of any size achieve their goals. While it is a paid platform, unliked the Google Ad Grant,  with its unique targeting options, organizations can get a lot out of LinkedIn Ads. It will help you engage a community of professionals and drive them to take actions that are relevant to your organization. This works especially well if an organization, whether or not it is a nonprofit or a for-profit business,  is looking to partner up with an organization for either volunteer opportunities or CSR projects. LinkedIn allows you to target and run ads to the decision-makers of these organizations and get them on your radar.

On the donation front, LinkedIn is a good tool to use because you are able to go after those high net worth individuals. You are able to do this through targeting and market to these individuals by job title, location, interests, etc. Also, since so many people are using Facebook and Instagram for advertisements, there isn’t as much competition on LinkedIn just yet. This is good for nonprofits, especially when you’re allocating marketing budgets because costs are still relatively low.

Overall, LinkedIn has so much potential for nonprofits, and it is a platform that must be utilized. Let us know how your organization is utilizing LinkedIn on both the organic and ads front! 

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