Why You Should Launch a Recurring Giving Program

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1 min to read ✭ Learn why now is the perfect time to launch a recurring giving program.

If your nonprofit leans heavily on individual giving, there has never been a better time to build a recurring giving program.

Even before quarantine, COVID, and all of this went down, the data was clear. Recurring donors, on average, have a 5X higher lifetime value than a one-time gift. Now when people are a bit unclear on how much they can give, but they do want to help, this is a tremendous asset to have. It builds predictability into your business model and it gives you an appeal to market all year round. Our CEO and founder, Cameron Ripley, has sat down with the Head of Creative at Charity: Water to talk about this and how transformational it was for their organization when they launched The Spring—their recurring giving program. Yes, they’re Charity: Water, but Community Boost is doing this on smaller levels for organizations of all sizes and sectors, and we have seen the effect it has.

Start thinking about what a strong recurring giving program looks like. What does that creative look like? How can you promote that? Then launch. It can truly transform your organization’s model, increase donations, and ultimately allow you to scale your impact that much more.

To learn how to launch and scale a recurring giving program, watch our recent webinar.

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