Why Marketing is a Need Not a Want

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2 min to read ✭ In this post, you'll learn three reasons why it's wise for your nonprofit to invest in your marketing, instead of putting it on the back burner.

Life has thrown us the major curveball that is COVID-19. So the big question here is how do we adapt? Organizations that have pivoted their strategies to be more digitally focused and have effectively invested in their marketing efforts online are the organizations that are not only surviving in this time, but truly thriving. Today, we’ll break down three reasons why it’s wise for nonprofits to invest in your marketing, instead of putting it on the back burner.


1. Engage New Donors

Engaging new donors makes for a more sustainable future. Most nonprofits rely heavily on donations, revenue from programs, and government funding. Right now all three of these revenue streams are up in the air which makes for quite a bit of uncertainty. So what’s your plan? Are you just going to sit there and watch your donors drop off? Or are you going to engage with new donors? There are tools like the $10,000 a month Google Ad Grant, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn ads, and so much more that can help you to be seen by the people who don’t yet know about your nonprofit.


2. Find the People Who Are Still Giving

People are still giving and giving generously in this time. We saw the participation in Giving Tuesday Now, which happened on May 5th, where millions of people participated in financially supporting the causes they love most. There are people out there who, if they knew about your mission, would be compelled to support your cause. We’ve been blown away by how generous people have been with our current partners. It truly restores our faith not only in humanity, but also in effective marketing.


3. People Need You and Your Cause Now More Than Ever

The communities you care for, the resources you provide, and the impact you make in the world doesn’t stop. And neither should marketing your cause. Marketing your organization and being loud about your cause is vital. People are giving right now and if you’re not being loud about your mission, then how are people supposed to know that they have an opportunity to hop on board and partner alongside you and the good work that you’re doing? This is not being loud for the sake of being loud. You want to be loud about your mission because your mission is important. You’ve earned the right to fight for it and the people, places, and things you are serving.

Linda Telfer

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