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About Unify

Unify holds global synchronized meditation events on some of the most critical days to create harmony and connection between all human beings. They are committed to creating peace on this planet by helping people first find inner peace.

This case study focuses on one of their most recent campaigns which tackled the unfolding issues at Standing Rock.

Website: www.unify.org


Most Critical Business Problem

Unify’s main interest online is finding new supporters to engage in their events. Like many nonprofits, their mission is necessary and amazing, but not many people outside of their existing supporters seek it out simply because they don’t know it exists! How can Unify best leverage the Ad Grant to bring in new supporters during their time-sensitive, event focused campaigns?


The Challenge

Capture as many emails and begin as many new relationships as possible in the small window Standing Rock was at the height of its conflict. Maximize what’s possible with the Ad Grant.


Community Boost’s Solution

Google Ad Grant Flash Campaign Build

We dove into Unify’s existing Ad Grant account and built a new campaign for Standing Rock using best practices like phrase matched keywords, dynamic keyword insertion, and A/B tested ad copy.


Result – Standing Rock Traffic Spike

We saw over 12,000 clicks come from our Standing Rock campaign between 12/1/16 through 12/15/16.


Deep AdWords Optimizations & Strategy

We monitored daily to ensure that we were only sending the highest quality traffic, and optimized to continually increase our quality score and click-through rate.


Result – Clicks For $1.02 & Front Page

We drove the cost per click down to $1.02, allowing double the traffic we normally would see. During the Standing Rock conflict, our ads showed between position 1 and 2 on Google (average 1.3).


The Bottom Line

These actions led to 1,220 new email subscribers joining Unify’s mission in just 15 days. We also were generating awareness for Unify on the front page of Google during an extremely important time.

We proved the Ad Grant’s flexibility in supporting time-sensitive campaigns, and achieved a phenomenal amount of email conversions!

Michael Goodrum

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