Two Great Google Ad Grant Webinars with Classy

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Recently, the Community Boost team partnered with Classy, to deliver not one but two, valued packed webinars to help jump-start and accelerate your nonprofit’s Google Ad Grant success.

If your organization is looking to unlock its $10,000 per month Google Grant and understand exactly how the ad grant works and what the best strategy is, be sure to check out webinar 1.

If your nonprofit already has its Google Ad Grant running but is having trouble maximizing and fully leveraging its $10,000 monthly grant, then be sure to dive in and watch webinar 2.

Last but not least, if you have any questions or are interested in partnering with Community Boost to support your Google Ad Grant efforts, then please don’t hesitate to apply to work with us today.


Webinar 1: Google for Nonprofits: How to Turn $10,000 in Free Advertising into Online Donations

Who Should Watch?

Nonprofits who are interested in accelerating their mission by sending over 5,000 new monthly visitors to their website every month.


  • – How to apply for Google Ad Grants and understanding which 501(c)3s are eligible
  • – How to create your nonprofit marketing funnel
  • – Top 5 tips to rock your Google Ad Grant
  • – How to not just send visitors but convert and compel new visitors to donate
Watch Webinar 1 Here


Webinar 2: Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits: How to Maximize Your Free Advertising Spend!

Who Should Watch?

Nonprofits who have set up their Google Ad Grant but are struggling to effectively use the $10,000 monthly grant.


  • – How to set up your AdWords campaign for success to maximize your $10,000 grant and generate 5,000+ monthly site visitors
  • – How to understand the Google Algorithm
  • – How to write best-in-class ad copy
  • – How to use the keyword planner
  • – How to convert new visitors into donors
  • – How to qualify and unlock Google Ad Grants PRO and receive $40,000 in free monthly advertising
Watch Webinar 2 Here

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