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About Seniors At Home

Seniors At Home is a division of Jewish Family & Children’s Services of San Francisco.

They help older adults age with respect and dignity by providing home care services to seniors in the Bay Area. They stand for the 90% of seniors whose wish is to remain in their homes as they progress through life.



Most Critical Business Problem

Seniors At Home’s bottom line is driven by free consultations that ultimately turn into home care clients. They offer a wide range of services, so consultations to decide which mix is right for your loved one is necessary. How can Seniors At Home drive more consultations online that lead to new clients?


The Challenge

Due to its retirement popularity, the Bay Area is extremely competitive for senior care services. The challenge was finding quality leads interested in home care services while playing within the rules of the Google Ad Grant.


Community Boost’s Solution


Google Ad Grant Qualification & Buildout

We helped Seniors At Home get approved for $10,000 in monthly advertising on Google to increase traffic of home care leads, and built a robust campaign to get their account momentum going strong.


Result – % New Users Increase

The Google Grant quickly became the #1 way new users find the Seniors At Home website. The graphs show the percentage of new users coming to key pages from all sources vs. the Grant.


Deep AdWords Optimizations & Strategy

To get exposure for the search terms “home care and senior care,” we needed to go deeper than surface level. We used long tail keywords and specific locations in the greater San Francisco Area to increase the quality score (relevancy) of our ads and generate more impressions.


Result – Front Page of Google

We built enough account momentum through relentless effort to get Seniors At Home on the front page of Google for high quality keywords. We aren’t always position one, but the ad shows alongside for-profit competitors.

This level of competition is almost guaranteed to be higher than what your nonprofit will use the Grant for. It’s one of the highest we’ve ever taken on as a company. We can help you gauge this with research.


The Bottom Line

These actions led to 9 contact forms and 21 phone calls coming through from the Google Grant between November 2016 and February 2017.

We proved that even with expensive search terms in a competitive & local environment, the Google Ad Grant can drive qualified traffic and generate new revenue for your nonprofit.

Michael Goodrum

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