New Facebook Ad Features to Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

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New Facebook Ad Features to Optimize Your Marketing Strategy


Meta Platforms, in particular, have become the engine for many nonprofits’ digital marketing strategies. An absence of the utilization and best practices of these platforms’ weakens an organization’s ability to navigate toward its destination or goal. In September, Meta announced new Facebook ad features, as well as new features on Instagram that will allow organizations to accomplish their objectives while furthering their mastery of these platforms. 

This blog will discuss some of the new Facebook ad features, and new features on Instagram that are most useful to nonprofits and how they will keep them relevant in the digital marketing world.


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New Ad Placements and Formats on Instagram

Every socially active nonprofit should strive to increase its visibility and online exposure since it increases engagement with users. To assist organizations with telling their stories and reaching new audiences, Meta has launched new ad placements and formats on Instagram. 

For instance, companies can now place ads in Explore home, which users see when they first arrive on the explore tab. In addition, Meta is testing ads in the profile feed, which is the feed experience users can scroll through after visiting another account’s profile and tapping on a post. This feature allows advertisers to strengthen their reach by using existing feed assets while giving users the same personalized ad experience. However, this feature is only in its testing phase. To increase your ad’s online visibility, follow the steps below:




Furthermore, Meta is now using AI-powered multi-advertiser ads. These ads allow businesses to be discovered by users in a shopping mindset; for nonprofits, that could mean somebody looking to donate and has recently engaged with relevant content in their feed. When a user displays commercial intent by engaging with an ad, the platform will deliver more ads from other businesses/organizations that may be of interest to them, which are all powered by AI!


Advantage Custom Audience 

Reaching more donors, and increasing audience size is a difficult task for any nonprofit organization. With that being said, one of the new Facebook ad features, called the Advantage Customer Audience, has made that task a lot easier. This new targeting automation uses an advertiser’s custom audience to deliver ads beyond the initially selected audience if the platform believes it will improve ad performance. When creating a new campaign, Advantage Custom Audience will automatically be turned on for all your campaign objectives. Here is how you can use the Advantage Customer Audience feature:



AI Comes To Messenger

Meta has now brought the ability for you to run Click-to Messenger Ads to the platform. Simply put, Click-to-Messenger ads are ads that a user clicks to engage in a conversation with your organization in messenger. Click-to-Messenger ads are seen by users who will likely converse with businesses or organizations on platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct. More importantly, these ads are typically seen by users who are likely to purchase something. In other words, a user that’s on the deeper end of the marketing funnel. Concerning nonprofits, this might mean a user is likely to donate to causes that interest them, hopefully, yours! Follow these steps to utilize this feature.




Royalty-free Audio For Reel Ads

In the year’s second quarter, Instagram and Facebook saw 30% more engagement with Reels Ads. Due to this, Meta now offers royalty-free music for advertisers to use in their Reels Ads. This is an essential feature for your organization’s ability to create captivating ads because audio is an effective way to hook your audience to view your ads. You can now select a song from Meta’s library or allow the apps to choose the best audio for your ad based on its content. 

By taking advantage of this new feature, creating Reels Ads that are more effective, interactive, and alluring becomes much more accessible. The steps below will help you utilize this new feature. 

For Instagram:



For Facebook:



Call Ads: 60-second Call & Callback Option

While Call Ads have been in the platform, Meta has added significant updates that will help you engage with potential supporters and discover quality leads. The Call ads updates now allow businesses/organizations to optimize their ads to reach users likely to engage in a phone call that is sixty seconds or more, increasing the quality of their leads. A helpful side note to this feature is that users willing to engage on the phone likely lie within the older demographic since younger audiences are not expected to engage in a phone call. 

Furthermore, Meta is testing a new feature that allows people to request a call back from your business if you cannot take their initial call. This is a valuable feature for an organization because it can show your potential donors that you value their time and business.





In conclusion, the success of nonprofits relies heavily on digital marketing, so staying updated on any new Facebook ad features, and enhancements on Instagram is a must! While the social space has the nature to constantly evolve, being able to adapt to it will indicate whether or not your organization will be successful. Today, social media savviness determines the level of relevance your organization will have, so having a clear comprehension of it will make your goals much more accessible. 

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