Importance of Email Marketing Automations in Your Nonprofit Strategy

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2 min to read ✭ We’re talking today about the value of Email Automation for your organization. Not only are setting up email automations valuable, but they are extremely easy to manage once you have built out and optimized your messaging. Let's dive in!

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Community Boost Consulting is a digital marketing agency dedicated to pushing nonprofits and social businesses forward in the digital space. We are making headway in a realm that has previously lacked proper digital marketing education. By making this commitment to share with you the digital marketing tools needed to further promote your nonprofit organizations growth, we are birding the gap between the nonprofit sector and digital marketing.


You are fully in control of how people hear your story

We talked about welcome series in the past, but let’s get one thing absolutely clear; email automations allow you to share the story of your brand exactly how you want to, in whatever order you want to. This includes and goes far beyond the welcome series. What do I mean by this?

Do you want a new follower to understand the history of your organization first? Great! Then you can choose to send them (automatically) emails about the history of your org. Want to offer them a reward for supporting? You can go ahead and do that to, and then continue to send them emails in a fashion that is in exactly the wording and order that you want them to!

People will receive information about you in exactly the order that you want them to receive it, and this is truly valuable when it comes to email automation.


Take advantage of tracking and event-based triggers

One of the coolest (and most valuable for your followers) things that you can achieve with email marketing automation is create an endless series of emails that are customized for every individual, based on the actions that they take on your website.

Make sense? Creepy? Let’s jump into an example really quick.

Let’s say that you go ahead and create an automated welcome series, with the goal of getting someone to donate. This person is entered into the automated welcome series, and at some point during that series, they decide to take action and donate on your website (congrats)! Well, this person has now accomplished what you want them to, and so now we want them to do something else… become a recurring donor.

So now we break this user from the welcome series, and enter them into a series about recurring donations. With little to no effort on your part, you can take a user from not giving, to giving, to recurring giving, and beyond.   

But wait! Let’s say that they did not donate after the welcome series. Well, we can continue to hit them with emails about how their donations will create change, and this will continue until they take action and donate.

All of that to say – based on the actions that people take, we can automatically move them to the next stage of involvement with your organization. With no effort at all.


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