How to Request Facebook Page Access to Ad Accounts

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1 min to read ✭ In this post, you'll learn how to request Facebook page access from admins to Ad Accounts.

If you want to add a Page to your Facebook Business Manager, but aren’t an admin on the Page, you can request access to it. Once you request access, an admin of the Page can approve your request.

1. Go to Business Settings

2. Under the drop-down menu of the Accounts tab, click on Pages

3. Enter the Facebook page name or paste the Facebook page URL and click Request Access

4. Admin Approval

At this point, the current admins on the Facebook Page that you requested access to will need to approve your request. Let admins know that they should visit Settings and then click on Page Roles to see and respond to the pending request.

5. Success!

Once an admin responds to the request, you’ll see the Facebook Business Page in your Business Manager.

Ernie Civic


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