How to Maintain Google Ad Grant Compliance

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2 min to read ✭ In this post, we’ll share what you need to do to maintain your Google Ad Grant compliance.

Today’s topic covers Ad Grants compliance policies. In January 2018, Google launched Ad Grants policies in order to provide more guidance on running a high-quality account. These policies must be followed in order to keep your Ad Grant account active. If your account becomes non-compliant, you will risk account suspension. This means your ads will stop running until you fix the compliance issue and resubmit your account for review through the Google Ads support team.


Part 1: Keywords & Click-Through Rate

The first compliance policy for Ad Grants is that you can’t have single word keywords in the account. Your own brand keywords, approved medical conditions and some other cases are deemed an exception to this policy. In addition to single word keywords, you also cannot have overly generic keywords in your account. Google defines overly generic as “keywords that don’t indicate the intent of the person searching.” For example, ‘“free videos,” “e-books” or “today’s news.” An additional keyword compliance policy is that you can’t have keywords in your account that have a quality score below 3. It’s a good idea to check your quality score on a regular basis to pause keywords with a quality score below 3. You can also set up an automated rule so the system automatically pauses these keywords for you.  

The next compliance policy is that your account must maintain a 5 percent click-through rate each month. If you fall below 5% CTR for two consecutive months, your account can get suspended.


Part 2: Conversion Tracking, Account Structure & Program Survey

Google also has policies related to conversion tracking. To be in compliance for conversion tracking, your account must report at least one conversion per month and if your conversion rate is above 15% it’s because of a meaningful goal that is accurately set up. 

In terms of account structure, each of your campaigns must have at least two active ad groups. And within each ad group, there must be at least two active ads. Additionally, you must have at least two site link ad extensions at the account level. 

Lastly, you must complete the annual program survey. The survey is sent to the login email addresses on each Ad Grants account at the beginning of the year. You can also find the survey link in the Ad Grants Policy Compliance Guide.

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