How to Create the Perfect Facebook Ad

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2 min to read ✭ Learn how to create the perfect Facebook ad in just three easy steps. 

You know when people are on Facebook, all they’re doing is scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, looking at cat videos, just being distracted, but you want your ad to catch their attention. You want it to be unexpected. Here’s how. 


1. Captivating Imagery

The first thing that you need for an ad to catch someone’s attention is a captivating image. You need your image to be bright and interesting – it needs to grab someone’s attention when they’re scrolling on Facebook Instagram.


2. A Short and Concise Headline

The second thing they’re going to look at after looking at the image is the headline, which is the little blurb of text right under the image. You want the headline to be short and concise. The best practice is to only use one line. You’ll also want that headline to wrap up that message of the entire ad. 


3. Optimized Text Length and Content

From there, people are going to look at the text above the image. Most people when they’re on Facebook don’t really want to spend that much time reading or learning a lot about something even if they do click through your ad. So you want your text to be relatively short, no more than three to five lines, and to the point. The content of your text changes depending on what your audience targeting is. If you have a retargeting audience, you’re going to want to focus your ad more on what your organization is doing. You know a viewer of this ad is going to be familiar with you already and so you’re going to use images that they’re familiar with. Then with the text, you’ll want to talk about your impact because they obviously resonate with your mission. If it’s an interest audience, then you’re going to want to change the messaging a little bit more to talk about what that person is interested in. If they’re interested in autism and they’re from San Diego, then you want to talk about San Diego and autism in the ad, and you might not even mention your organization at all initially. 

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