How to Create Best in Class Landing Pages for Your Nonprofit

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3 min to read ✭ We’re talking FOUR strategies to make a strong campaign landing pages for your nonprofit's website! Tune in to learn more about the importance of cohesive themes, audience development, content creative, and impact of your organization's mission.

Did you know that there are four main things to make sure you both cover and understand when creating a best in class landing page for your nonprofit’s marketing campaign? Having an effective and relevant landing page to direct users to is something that will help push your nonprofit’s marketing efforts forward.


1. Know Your Audience

It’s important to make sure that you are not just increasing lifetime donor value, but are also ensuring that your organization is effectively making space for new people to discover you and your mission. Think about the campaign goals of your organization and then build an audience around who that target audience exactly is.

A strategic move would be to create two or more actual main pages, one to send out to your audience that already knows you and the other for the audience who is just starting to get familiar with your nonprofit. Getting as specific to your audience as possible with your landing pages will make you feel more relevant and allow your organization to stay top of mind.

One thing to note about a landing page for new donors is to make sure it’s got enough informational content so that someone who is brand new to your organization understands your nonprofit’s entire story in one read.


2. Theme Campaigns With Creativity

Campaign themes naturally take a lot of creativity, thought, and thorough discussion with your team, but it’s one of the most important aspects. There is not necessarily a one size fits all for how to go about creating your campaign theme, but a general rule of thumb is to be as creative as possible. You want your organization’s campaign to stand-out among the rest, and being compellingly creative is something that will go a long way.

Express your mission (with your campaign goal in mind) through engaging imagery, fun headlines, and even catchy calls-to-action. In essence, you want to make sure that you are incorporating fresh marketing creative throughout your campaign’s overall theme. You can be effective and direct in your call to action while still being creative. By nature, creativity is effective.

AVOID your campaign theme being overly branded toward your specific nonprofit. Ensure that the language you use throughout your campaign is not language that only existing donors or already supportive audience would understand. Your campaign theme has to be something that is easily digestible, yet interest generating.

While this might sound tricky to balance, we believe that you have it in you to come up with just the perfect balance. If you, however, would like support in doing so, reach out to our team – we’d be happy to help you brainstorm. Leave a comment below or tweet us @CommunityBoost to get in touch with a member of the Community Boost team!


3. Provide Compelling and Informational Content 

How can you make sure your campaign landing page is best in class? We’ll give you an answer in four words: relevant landing page content.

The objective should be to make sure that users have ALL the information they are looking for in one page – on your campaign landing page. New users who are visiting this page for the first time should get the full scope of the what, the how, and the why. What problem is your nonprofit is tackling? How is it tackling problem x? And why should people give to support your mission/why should people care?

Do not presume that all new users who are visiting your page know about the problem or even care. After you’ve introduced the problem, make sure that users are also becoming familiar with why this problem is a problem as well as your solution and how you are fighting problem x. Inform people and make them care – this is how you will be most effective to new potential supporters.

If you have a campaign video, this would be the perfect page to show it!


4. Focus on Impact

Piggybacking off the third strategy, the fourth and final strategy to keep in mind when creating best in class landing pages for your nonprofit’s marketing strategy is to address the impact that each person visiting your page has the potential to make.

Of course, this conversation can be much bigger and complex depending on how your nonprofit measures its impact, but get as close to quantifying each person’s impact as you can. For example, if someone were to donate $100 to your nonprofit, how would this hundred dollars move forward in the world? Show the process and document the journey of your nonprofit’s actions in accomplishing your mission and alleviating problem x.


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