How Conversion Design Can Help Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Marketing

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2 min to read ✭ Did you know that effective conversion design elements on your website can support and improve your Facebook advertising efforts? We're talking how to boost and grow your nonprofit with conversion design and Facebook marketing.

How are Conversion Design & Facebook Marketing Connected?

Conversion design can bolster your Nonprofit’s Facebook strategy. The two can rely heavily on each other, and properly understanding how to utilize the intersection of Facebook and conversion design can help you boost and grow your Nonprofit. Think of Facebook as the top of the funnel that brings people in and the conversion design on your site being the bottom of the funnel that gets people to do what you want them to do.


Take These Conversion Design Steps Prior to Running Ads

Before you start running Facebook ads, however, it’s important to first focus on testing various components of conversion design on your Nonprofit’s website. This can be testing messaging, testing imagery, and essentially just seeing what things your audience best responds to. It’s helpful apply the learnings to your Facebook ads. This way, you aren’t doing as much testing on the Facebook platform where you are paying for your ads and can immediately start running with things that you know will already resonate with your audience. 

The second thing you will want to do is to start collecting emails with a scroll box or pop-up prior to running Facebook ads. This way, when you decide you want to start running ads, you will already have a small audience built to target and grow from there. Note: make sure to update your organization’s Privacy Policy to accurately reflect that that is how you are going to use the information you are collecting. 


What Can I Do After I Started Running Facebook Ads?

 If your Facebook ads are geared to drive traffic towards a conversion-oriented page on your website, like a donation or purchase page, make sure to include an exit pop-up on that page. Exit pop-ups are boxes that show up right as people are about to leave and work really well to keep people on site. They will appear right as people move their mouse to the upper left-hand corner and prompt a message asking if they really are sure they want to leave the site. Exit pop-ups are designed to keep people on-site and potentially catch lost revenue from people who are about to leave your nonprofit’s site. 

If your Facebook ads are driving traffic to a page on your website that isn’t as conversion-oriented, like your homepage or an information page, adding a smart bar to the top of the page that directs people to your donation page is a smart, strategic move. That way, if people like what they’re learning about your organization from your information page, there’s a call-to-action onsite that can drive them to donate or purchase something in support of your nonprofit. It’s a great, non-intrusive way to get people to covert while on your organization’s website. 

“Think of Facebook as the top of the funnel that brings people in and onto your website and the conversion design on your site being the bottom of the funnel that gets people to do what you want them to do.”


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