Here Are Seven Nonprofits Crushing Their Social Media

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2 min to read ✭ In this post, you will learn about which seven nonprofits are currently crushing social media and a few key reasons why.

As we have covered in previous vlogs, social media is an important intersection within digital marketing and the nonprofit world. With finding relevant hashtags to market your nonprofit to why you should be utilizing features like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, having a strong social media presence will ultimately push your organization forward. When you start to do it really well, you will see just how the online community can help your organization’s word-of-mouth strategy as well as it’s overall brand.

With that being said, there is no better way to learn than to reverse engineer and see what is working well and what isn’t. For that reason, we’re diving into seven nonprofits that are crushing their social media right now, and we are highlighting key reasons why so that you can take some tips back with you.

There are many nonprofits that are excelling on the social front, and they don’t go unnoticed.  We’ll continue calling them out as we see them, and encourage you to be loud about which accounts you enjoy as well! 

To kick it off, let’s get to seven nonprofit social media accounts that have really stood out and why.


Thirst Project

Thirst Project’s Instagram account is really geared around how much their organization impacts deserving communities and gives people a deeper insight about the people whose lives are actually getting impacted. One of the most important aspects of documenting your nonprofit’s journey is acknowledging the people who are being helped, and Thirst Project does an excellent job highlighting that. 

It’s vital to be humanizing donations and putting into perspective how much giving even a little bit to your organization can be impactful. People like to know that their dollar counts, and we think Thirst Project is nailing it. 

They have also been utilizing IGTV, Instagram Stories, and the Highlights feature on their account. Thirst Project is taking in all the tools that Instagram provides, and really utilizing each one well.


Trevor Project

One thing we want to applaud Trevor Project for is their continued engagement with their followers on their Instagram account. It’s extremely important to realize that social media isn’t just a one way street. You need to be acknowledging the people who are reaching out and engaging on your organization’s platform in addition to sharing your own posts.

Trevor Project is doing a wonderful job of responding to each person who comments on their posts on Instagram. It is something that certainly takes time to do, but is nevertheless just as important to do as creating a social strategy. 


Charity: Water 

The Charity: Water Instagram account provides users with a ton of compelling imagery. Besides the photos, they have also been utilizing the IGTV (Instagram TV) platform as a way to talk more about the Charity: Water mission. This digital deep dive into their mission to bring clean water to deserving communities is the perfect way to show a wider audience how Charity: Water is helping the world.

The IGTV platform is great for this because it allows for a longer video run time of one hour. Unlike standalone Instagram videos which max out at one minute and Instagram stories that allow for only 15 seconds at a time, IGTV will give you more space for your organization’s videos.

Again, documenting your nonprofit’s journey is something that will give viewers more insight about your mission and what steps you are taking to accomplish it. That way, they will feel more a part of your mission once they know what role they play within it. 


Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise has utilized story highlights as a way to give followers quick access to their mission and more information on how to get involved. Their page highlights “About Us” and “Get Involved,” which lets users instantly access these resources to understand what Pencils of Promise is all about. 

We see this as a smart approach to utilizing highlights and one that more nonprofits should be utilizing – especially because it’s so simple to do. 

If someone who is unfamiliar with your organization visits your Instagram account, they can quickly learn more by clicking on your “About Us” or “Get Involved” story highlights. This not only saves users time when they are looking to understand more about your nonprofit and its mission, but also can ensure that people are actually seeing what you do. 


Malala Fund

Malala Fund is great about being hyper-active on their social platforms. They are taking to both Instagram AND Twitter to share stories about various women and girls around the world. Their content is as consistent as it is compelling. 

Malala Fund is following the common theme of documenting the people behind their cause, and it’s something we encourage more organizations to highlight. 

Additionally, Malala Fund has certainly adhered to one of our hashtag best practices by making hashtags easy to remember and easy to spell. They’ve done a great job branding their hashtag for #AskMalala on Twitter as it doesn’t leave users wondering what the hashtag could be talking about. 


International Rescue Committee

Similar to Pencils of Promise, the International Rescue Committee is utilizing the Instagram highlights feature in a very smart way. Their account offers Instagram users quick access to gaining more insight about the organization! With “FAQs,” “Reasons to Give,” and “IRC at work,” their Instagram account is definitely geared around documenting their organization’s journey.


To Write Love On Her Arms 

Last but not least, To Write Love On Her Arms is the seventh nonprofit that we think is crushing social media. TWLOHA has a good posting method where it’s a mix of different types of content. They make sure to talk about their podcast just as much as they share raw and inspirational quotes. Thrown in the mix too is their amazing merchandise that has inspirational quotes on it! 

Having a balance is super important because you don’t necessarily want to hit followers with solely one type of content.

Also, the TWLOHA Instagram team is also very active on their stories as well as proactive in utilizing the IGTV and highlights features as well. Their account is another great example for ways you can utilize each tool that is provided within the Instagram platform.


How Are Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Accounts?

Like we said, make sure to reverse engineer and check out some of these profiles. It will help you to see how you can start utilizing various tools within social and how it can ultimately push your organization forward. For more tips, check out the Top 7 Instagram Practices for Nonprofits

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