Google Ad Grant 2018 Year-End Review for Nonprofit Marketing

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2 min to read ✭ We're talking three high level takeaways from this past year with the Google Ad Grant that we think are worth sharing. Tune in for more on maximize conversions bidding strategy, donation focused Copy, and Donation Focused Landing Pages!

2018 was the first year that recipients of the Google Ad Grant were both held to the new policy stipulations while also given the opportunity to go above the $2 maximum cost-per-click. Ad Grantees had a big opportunity this past year to leverage the $10,000 per month Google Ad Grant towards donations.


Three Major Findings

Maximize Conversions

Utilizing the maximize conversions bidding strategy is a trick to working around the $2 maximum cost-per-click stipulation of the Google Ad Grant. If your organization has not been using maximize conversions, specifically for donation focused campaigns, there is a large chance that you are missing out on capturing a donor-ready audience. 

As machine learning starts to fully grasp the specific type of person who is ready to give, the campaign (both branded and non-branded) will become increasingly profitable.


Donation Focused Copy

Ensure that your ad copy is prompting donations, which goes for both branded and non-branded search queries. 

An overwhelming factor that has had a huge influence on increasing donation conversion rates from ads in the past year is merely including an ask in the ad copy.

From our end, we saw large spikes in donation conversion rates from simply changing “Headline 1” of our ads from the organization’s name to “DONATE TO (Org name).” 

Find a good middle-ground to maintain relevant ad copy while also including a call-to-action. Users will appreciate the ask. Additionally, they will feel much less blindsided when you make an ask as soon as they enter your nonprofit’s website.

Be clear with what you are asking and it will most likely turn out in your organization’s favor. 


Donation Focused Landing Pages

Send all your ad traffic to a text-heavy landing page that gives users a clear step to take. Be clear with your organization’s mission and setting an intention for your landing page to be donation focused. 

This tactic will push your organization forward as it gives people a direct objective when they reach your site. 


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