6 Top Giving Tuesday 2021 Results (And What They Mean For Nonprofit Fundraising Growth)

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4 min to read ✭ Giving Tuesday 2021 Results are out! Learn the latest Giving Tuesday trends, and what they mean for your nonprofit’s fundraising growth. 

What Is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday (aka #GivingTuesday) is a global day of giving that takes place on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. 

Since its inception in 2012,  Giving Tuesday has taken the nonprofit world by storm and revolutionized year-end fundraising. 

Early Giving Tuesday 2021 Data Shows Growth

Despite uncertainty in 2021, Giving Tuesday’s movement of generosity has sparked a consistent growth year-over-year, presenting nonprofits with an opportunity to raise more in a predominantly digital space.

With Giving Tuesday 2021 wrapped, we’ve pulled together the official Giving Tuesday results and our findings from over 200+ nonprofits so you can learn the latest Giving Tuesday trends, and what they mean for your nonprofit’s growth. 

Check out the top Giving Tuesday 2021 results:

Giving Tuesday 2021 Result #1: $2.7 Billion Was Raised In The US

You saw that right. According to early data released by Giving Tuesday, Nonprofits raised $2.7 billion in the United States — compared to 2.47 billion raised in 2020.

With such a high amount given in a short period of time, coupled with the proximity to year-end, Giving Tuesday continues to be a huge opportunity for nonprofits.

While the jury is still out on the channels that all of these funds were raised through, we can be certain that, like years past, a large portion of these gifts took place online, with continued growth year-over-year.

Giving Tuesday 2021 gave nonprofits the opportunity to kick off their year-end fundraising strong through digital channels, helping drive momentum through the end of the year.

Giving Tuesday 2021 Result #2: There Was A 9% Growth In Funds Raised

Giving Tuesday 2021 saw a 9% growth in funds raised in the US, continuing a massive upward trend from the year prior as well. Combined, there’s been a 37% increase in funds raised on Giving Tuesday since 2019.

With such consistent major leaps in funds raised, running a  Giving Tuesday campaign continues to be a worthwhile investment for nonprofits — with predictable growth.

Giving Tuesday 2021 Result #3: 35 Million Adults Participated 

With 35 million adults participating in #Giving Tuesday in the US alone, this shows a continued upward trend in participation — 6% more Americans donated on Giving Tuesday 2021 than in 2020.

Despite concerns that the market is flooded, this shows us the contrary: generosity is contagious.

Plus, with more donors participating than ever before, Giving Tuesday continued to be a huge opportunity to acquire more donors, especially online.

This falls in line with their data from 2020, showing a dramatic increase in new donor acquisition overall during Giving Tuesday and Giving Tuesday Now


Caption: Chart showing % year’s total new donor acquisition, highlighting results from Giving Tuesday 2020 + GivingTuesday Now

Giving Tuesday 2021 Result #4: A Trend Towards Larger Gifts Online

With 9% growth in funds raised, and only a 6% growth in participation, this means that people are giving more on Giving Tuesday than ever before.

This lines up with early predictions from the Giving In Unprecedented Times report from Giving Tuesday, which suggested that high-value donors are more likely to give through online channels in 2021.

Early results in from our own clients here at Community Boost show the same trend: for example, Villages of Partnership raised $25,655 through Facebook Ads on Giving Tuesday, with an average gift size of $761.

With average gift size during Giving Tuesday is on the rise, we can hope that we’ll see similar results throughout the year-end.

Giving Tuesday 2021 Result #5: We Saw Dramatic ROI For Facebook Ads

A main channel of Giving Tuesday fundraising has always been directly tied to Facebook and Instagram: Giving Tuesday started by leveraging influencers on social media, and effectively leveraging social media continues to be an essential part of any Giving Tuesday fundraising strategy.

In 2021, we’ve seen that Facebook and Instagram ads have been a bigger opportunity than ever before for nonprofits to fundraise online.

For example, Villages in Partnerships, one of our awesome clients here at Community Boost, saw a 128x return-on-investment in ad spend on Giving Tuesday 2021.

Similarly another client, Soles4Souls, raised over $16,000 on Giving Tuesday 2021 and only spend $30 on Facebook and Instagram ads.

To learn more about how these nonprofits got over 100x ROI on their ads, take a look at The Complete Guide To Year-End Fundraising 2021.

With such incredible return on investment, you can be sure running ads for your nonprofit with a similar strategy can be highly effective for your nonprofit.

Not sure how to get started? Book a free 1-1 conversation with the Community Boost Team and we’ll walk you through using Facebook and Instagram ads for your fundraising efforts.

Giving Tuesday 2021 Result #6: iOS Updates Didn’t Hinder Growth

Back in May, Apple launched the iOS 14.5 update — which included a large privacy change in letting users choose to either opt-in or opt-out of app/website tracking. 

For nonprofit marketers, this caused quite the scare, as it potentially hindered the effectiveness of remarketing strategies and could have rendered using lookalike audiences a thing of the past.

With such major changes to the ad landscape, there was a lot of uncertainty: will Facebook and Instagram advertising continue to be as effective as it once was heading into Giving Tuesday?

However, with such great results, our mind (and hopefully yours) is set at ease. With continued growth overall, things are looking up for Giving Tuesday 2022 and year-end.

Want more strategies to help you maximize your year-end fundraising? Get a free copy of The Complete Guide To Year-End Fundraising 2021.


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