Friday Five 038: How Feedback from Your Donors Can Help You

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2.5 min to read ✭ Join us in Episode 038 of the Friday Five, as we cover how you can use feedback from your donors to help your marketing strategy and success.  

What is the Friday Five?

Each Friday, we will be answering your most pressing questions from our Digital Marketing for Nonprofits Facebook group. If we don’t cover a challenge that you or your nonprofit colleagues are facing, drop us a comment below or tweet us @CommunityBoost and we’ll add it to the queue. 

Let’s dive in! 


Nonprofit Marketing Challenges

1) Your Biggest Marketing Challenge: “Planning out our communications and campaigns.” – Bridget, Playworks PA

Our Solution: Planning is crucial and execution is everything. Start the new year off right with a high-level annual plan, then focus deeply on all you want to hit in Q1. Last, a project management software like Asana can be game-changing or at least use a content calendar or Google sheet.


2) Your Biggest Marketing Challenge“Job recruitment.”  – Hannah, Access Services

Our SolutionCheck out the Google Ad Grant. People go to Google and search when they are looking for this type of opportunity. You just have to reverse engineer what these people will be searching for. What are they asking? What terms are they using? With $10,000 each month from the grant, it can be a great way to continuously drive job recruitment leads for your cause.


3) Your Biggest Marketing Challenge: “Learning about effectively engaging donors digitally.”  – Kimberly, Buzzards Bay Coalition

Our Solution: Stewardship and retention are everything. There are tons of great webinars on the topic and that is a great place to start. From there, don’t hesitate to reach out to donors and ask them what else they would like to see on the impact front and just bring a ton of love and care to all your comms. Most organizations don’t communicate enough in my opinion and are too focused on acquisition and not retention.


4) Your Biggest Marketing Challenge: “Being overwhelmed and figuring out where our audience is.”  – Sally, Ouachita Children’s Center

Our SolutionA great place to start is by analyzing the demographics in Google Analytics from your website, as well as your social following to understand your top converting audiences. From there, begin to game plan which digital channels your core audience spends the most time on. Honestly, it’s an omni-channel world now so its more about customizing your comms for the channels of email, Facebook and Instagram, website, etc. Donor surveys can be a tremendous tool if you can incentivize people to give you candid feedback.

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