Donor Retention Strategies You Should Be Implementing On Facebook

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2 min to read ✭ In this post, you'll learn strategies you should be implementing on Facebook to retain more donors.

The average donor retention rate is hovering around 40-45% across the nonprofit sector. This means that if 100 donors give to your organization in a given year, then only about 40 of those donors will give again the following year.

Donors have become more selective with their giving process. Unfortunately for many, the strategies to keep the retention numbers growing have not changed, but don’t worry, here at Community Boost we have figured out a few strategies that will ensure your donors stay engaged through the use of Facebook. 


Thank Your Donors

With 2.45 billion active users on Facebook there has never been a better time to reach out to your donor list. One way to do this is by utilizing Facebook’s custom audience and uploading your list and sending a thank you ad. Your donors will be encouraged to share your message and will feel appreciated. 


Post Engaging Content

The social space empowers donors to share the causes that they care about the most. Use this to encourage your donors to share your latest impact. We recommend posting success stories monthly or weekly while acknowledging your donors. You also can create ads around stories of impact. Keep in mind that your content needs to be engaging and something your donors will feel strongly about. When donors share your ads or posts they are telling you that they care and are listening to you. 


Daily Updates

Did you run a fundraiser recently? Did you update your donors and followers about how it went? If the answer is sometimes or no then you’ve got some work to do. Keeping your donors up to date on the latest news is one of the most important things you can do. Why? Because they care, they want to be informed. This also will help your donors understand how important giving or sharing your ads and posts is. Make sure to share your impact daily! Frequent updates will create a bigger community within your digital space. You can share stories of impact by utilizing Facebook and Instagram stories. This is a super fun and interactive way your donors can stay informed and be entertained. 

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